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An acquaintance has given me a list of pen kits that he bought at Woodcraft
a few years back. He had an injury and quit making pens (too bad because
they were of very high quality). He has offered to sell these kits to me for
half of what they would sell for today. I am satisfied with this method of
creating value but the kits have different names than what is available
today. So I am hoping that there are pen turners that have worked with these
in the past can give me guidance on how to figure what they are worth today.
He purchased them at Woodcraft.
3 Cross Pen Kits
7 Cross Pencil Kits
4 Parker Rollerball Kits
7 Parker Fountain Pen Kits
10 Pendant Pen Kits
Spare parts, and unused bushings
2 10-packs of Parker Fountain Pen Kits
1 10-Pack of Parker Rollerball kits.
Anybody have an idea of what pen kits I should compare these to? I have been
looking at Woodcraft pen kits and see some that look like what these are
being called but will appreciate any help.
Bob Darrah
West Linn, Oregon
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Bob Darrah
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Bob, go to
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, this is the site dedicated to penturning and they have all the information you require including how much to sell things for and how to make up kits in various ways, a real gold mine of information.Remember, just because the kit says something, you do not have to make it that way, experiment, you will be suprised on the results. Bob `S` U.K.
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robert strudwick
for those in the uk/ireland looking for cheap 7mm slimline pen kits
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moderator of this group has sourced the best value products he canfind for regular woodturning products. check out the post forwoodturning discounts
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geoff tulip
Pen kit suppliers ran into a problem using the Cross, Parker and Mont Blanc names. Woodcraft's cross reference follows.
Cross Pen = American Slim Style Parker = Classic American Style Mont Blanc = European Style Pendant Pen Kits = Could be either the Lanyard Pen or the Miniature Pendant Pen
-- Jack Novak Buffalo, NY - USA (Remove "SPAM" from email address to reply)
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Thanks for the help guys, it helped me buy the kits and lots of blanks and parts for a very reasonable price!
Bob Darrah West Linn, Oregon
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Bob Darrah

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