PING Robert re spray gun

It got complicated at Harbor Freight website.
90977-0VGA 64.99
43430-8VGA 24.99 was 39.99
93305-6VGA 39.99 was 119.99
91009-0VGA 29.99
Can't tell which one you were high on. Hate to bother you again but help
would be appreciated. There's actually more than what I listed even.
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Tom Nie
It was this:
formatting link
I just checked the link, and it is valid. If all else fails, go to and then find the box for the item number on the left hand of the screen. Punch in 90977. It's the first one on your list. And is is still $59 unless you can wait for a sale or get on their list for emails. About every two months they will send me a coupon for 10% of anything in the store, including sale prices.
I called HF California and according to them they have never had them in the store, and probably never will. That made me nervous since HF can be dicey on occasion, but when these go back on sale I am buying another for backup. One thing, you should be aware that HF told me it would take 2 - 3 weeks to get to me, and it did indeed take 2 1/2 weeks! Better than Amazon that never shipped an order of mine one time, but not as good as others.
If you buy this one, gimme shout if you need help getting it set up.
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THANKS Did the dirty deed and with a prayer I'll try to use it. Many years ago I did some auto painting in a job so it isn't like a brand new thing to me but this HVLP and heavy house paints are.
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Tom Nie

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