Supernova chuck jaws - powergrip, or 100mm set?

Hi All
I'm finding the standard 50mm jaws a little small for some of the bigger
bowls I currently turning, so I'm trying to decide on the best upgrade.
I'm assuming the powergrip jaws are probably a bit more versatile than
the 100mm jaw set, and since they have identical diameters I'm tending
in their direction. However, are there any disadvantages in this choice?
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I own the powergrip and the 50's, and have no problem using the 50's for mortise holding up to 15.75 diameter on the 3000. The so-called 75mm jaws are what I would recommend. They're actually 82 (3.25'), but they have good, wide faces, ideal for holding tenons, because the tenon doesn't have to be much over 2", and the shoulder can still be quite broad and well supported. They do a big goblet or long endgrain piece very well.
The powergrips are actually used on only the lightest of things at my house. Cut a groove inside a box lid to hold with them and it looks like a decoration rather than the way you faired the outside and turned the finial.
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I have the larger jaws for the super nova - that chuck is really not able to handle big stuff, I'd suggest that if you aren't comfortable holding something in the 50 mm jaws, you should consider whether you can afford a larger chuck - the larger jaws do work, but the chuck doesn't have the mass that makes me feel right having it hold a heavy object - I use my VicMarc chuck for that purpose.
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William Noble
I use the powergrip jaws on both a nova and a titon chuck for larger turnings. If needed other jaws are used depending on the piece. The powergrip jaws really never come off of the titon
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william kossack

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