Sorley Chisels

Has anyone ever heard of these, they have a kangaroo branded on the
handles. Are they any good? I can get a full set of 8 for $50 but don't
want to waste money if they are garbage.
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Sam Unruh
In article ,
Never heard of them, but my first guess is the kanagaroo is to mislead you into thinking they come from Australia rather than China, and the name is intended to be confused with Sorby.
le looks like b in a hurry.
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That is kind of what I was thinking. The strange thing is that I believe these were purchased prior to the cheap Chinese imports becoming so common. I am going by the sellers description, at first I was hoping he didn't know what he really had but he was quite firm on them being Sorley.
I'll see whether anyone else weighs in on this before finalizing my decision.
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Sam Unruh
Sam Unruh said the following on 23/04/2010 05:20:
I suggest checking how old the tools are. I don't think the 2 Sorby Kangaroo chisels which I have are HSS.
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Duncan Hoyle
Hi Sam,
I have some older Sorby turning tools and find the scrapers and 1 1/2 in spindle roughing gouge especially useful. The other gouges are not bad either. You have to sharpen more often, but you should anyway. Sorby's pre-hss "Sheffield steel" was pretty good stuff. I don't consider them garbage and at $6.25 each, I would buy the set if you don't.
Turn to Safety, Arch Fortiter
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