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Hi all,
Does anyone on this NG subscribe to the british publication Woodturning? If
so, what do you think of it? Is it worth the cost? Does it arrive promptly?
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I don't subscribe but I do buy it every month on the newsstand. It is head and shoulders above anything I have seen so far IMHO.
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M.J. Orr
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M.J. Orr
It was given to me as a gift subscription! I would never subscribe at the price! It is an ok mag, being as it is just about the only one out there. A brand new one is on the way, heard about it at the SWAT symposium, but do not remember what the name is or when the virgin issue is coming! Fred Holder is a lot more in line with his newspaper "more woodturning".
Just my opinion. It has a lot of pretty pics and advertising from England! The "redcoats" are trying to get even from the war of 1776!
Regards, Lewis
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Lewis Dodd
I subscribe to "More Woodturning". It is a great magazine, more than worth the cost, always timely in the mailbox. It is what "American Woodturner" hopes to be one of these days. I alwasy look forward to its arrival.
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Tom Thorsen
Joe - Have received Woodturning from England for the last two years and it is a terrific magazine. Half the articles are about or written by us Yanks or the Aussies. Great articles and photography. Well worth the cost.
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Homer Shimp
Woodturning is a great publication and while expensive it has some wonderful features. They have developed the technique of using up to 20/30 photos in an article to fully expose the method of some particular turning. When you see these sequential photos there is no doubt as to how something was done.
I find some of the articles too short and wish there was more depth. Every article is not always to my interest but enough so that I look forward to each issue, which does arrive in a timely manner, though I have not kept track to see if it arrives on the same day each month.
Without doubt it is better than anything on this side of the pond.
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Sy Levine
I don't subscribe, but usually buy it at the newsstand. Most of the better bookstores like Barnes & Noble carry it. So do some of the Woodcraft stores.
Is it worth the cost? Probably not, but is anything worth the cost anymore? It's a pretty good magazine, not exceptional IMHO, but one of the very few choices in woodturning magazines. Personally, I would love to see a "Fine Woodturning" magazine by Taunton Press. I wrote to them once suggesting it, but no one bothered to answer my letter.
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Barry N. Turner

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