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Is there an easier way to rough out interior endgrain?
Rough hollowing and cleaning out large end grain blanks is getting to be more chore than fun. Even with two toolrests and a cobbled up restraining device, my armbrace and long 3/4" boring bar is...
14 years ago 24
Musings of an 'artist' in his 'studio' on a rainy day in Florida
I think I may have taken up art and become an established artist this morning. I turned a thin NIP vase and poured some red (we artists call it alizarin crimson) wood block ink to slosh around the...
14 years ago 6
Three pen-turning questions from a newbie
Hi guys; great group you've got here. I just recently started turning wood and have really had a great time making pens. I have three quick questions for those of you that have been at this awhile: 1....
14 years ago 6
How to saw logs for woodturning
I recently got a hobby sawmill(Woodmizer LT10). How do I cut a log so wooodturners can use the wood? I assume ya'll would be interested in the knottier sections, is that correct? If I simply cut a log...
14 years ago 5
Rikon Mini Lathe Question
I purchased a Rikon mini lathe last winter upon recommendation from a friend. All in all I've been tickled to death with the results. Recently however, I've been experience a small problem I'm feared...
14 years ago 1
Set screws
Hi Dick. Just a small suggestion. I remember having a similar problem. I loosened up the set screws on a large pulley and no go. So my solution was to get a large pulley puller. Oh man it was tough...
14 years ago 1
The mulberry wood
Thanks to all who answered my questions about mulberry a couple weeks ago. I've turned a few bowls and noticed that the yellow seems to disappear fairly quickly. Is this the way of this wood? Not that...
14 years ago 3
Belt changing on an old lathe
I have an old Delta Milwaukee lathe, serial #34-6124. It's in perfect shape but I need to replace the belt and cannot free the pulley from its shaft in the headstock. I've tried liquid wrech and some...
14 years ago 7
Sanding Disks
I used to be able to purchase Grip A Disc sanding disks that are foam backed. They are fanatastic and your hands dont get burned. Does anyone know where they can be purchased? I used to get them from...
14 years ago 2
Shoe polish paste
Is there any posibility to use a glycerine (by product of biodiesel plant) for producing a shoe polish paste?
14 years ago
Elm for food use
Can anyone advise me whether elm is suitable for food use, provided I use a suitable finish? Thanks, Steve In article , Elm is safe - though if you notice any off smells when working it, you'll...
14 years ago 4
Which Circle Shear?
I am looking for a circle shear to support the Karle metal spinning lathe (12" swing) that I have. Since both the lathe and shear will be used infrequently, I am looking for one that is easily stored....
14 years ago 4
OT: Boycott
I quote some earlier maillist correspondence that may be relevant to some here: I've been meaning to post here on this subject for some time. Especially, video authors should beware of selling your...
14 years ago 6
Long musing about the restraints of turning wood on a lathe
I compared two of my favorite books; "500 Turned Wood Bowls" and "500 Bowls" last night. Actually, I gained more inspiration from the latter even though it pictures ceramic bowls. I'm awed and much...
14 years ago 7
dust collection
I've heard that using stove pipe as opposed to PVC works better for reducing static electricity. Does anyone have any thoughts on this. Metal piping, if grounded, will dissapate static charges as they...
14 years ago 10