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Website update
I just posted an update to my website. No new turnings, as I am in the middle of building my shop to be. There are some new pics of my shop project, and a link to a page that chronicles our summer...
17 years ago
DVR 3000 Experience
I'm thinking about buying a Nova DVR 3000. I'm looking for some comment from someone who owns one on what they think of it - pro and con. Doug Hi Doug, I can't think of a single con for this lathe....
17 years ago 9
curing wood
About 2 years ago a 12 inch diam. branch from my maple tree came crashing down in a storm. (Almost hit the house.) I just got around to getting the chain saw out and cut it up into some big logs and...
17 years ago 9
hi everyone,can anybody tell me if hickory is available in the uk? does it turn well,and could it be used to make pen blanks?? yours in anticipation,bigal.......... Here in east Tennessee, hickory is...
17 years ago 1
Re: Midi lathe problem, continued
Scott I would recommend trying another approach to chucking up blanks for bottle stoppers. Do you have a scroll chuck? If not... it's pretty high on the list of good things to have.. tho not essential...
17 years ago 1
Re: treadle lathe?
Check out the treadle lathe on my website (link below) click on the link for the Norris White Treadle Lathe. My wife's great uncle made it and I drew up the plans for him. It requires an old exercise...
17 years ago
CNC Sale
We offer Many CNC Routers and plasma cutters and we have a machine price range from $1,900.00 to $16,000.00 let us know if we can help. Robert
17 years ago
Box elder
I live in the Buford Georgia area and would like to get my hands on some box elder. Does anyone have any that would be within driving distance? Moyo
17 years ago
woodworking software programs-some free
I happened on this site 2 days ago, and got several free programs "Wood Movement Calculator" may be the most important for turners. Init, you can set the name of a wood, the dimensions, the...
17 years ago
Different Nova 3K motor question
Hi all! I've had a Nova 3K for about 18 months. It came with a 1 HP A/C motor which I've been happy with. The motor would not stall, but when I got a catch the workpiece may stall and the belt would...
17 years ago 4
Preventing checking
Will any old wax work for sealing the ends of turning stock to prevent checking? I'm cutting up some Koa and it is checking pretty bad. What's the best stuff to use and where can I get it? Thanks,...
17 years ago 4
Pen/Pencil combo kit question
I was able to get my hands on more then 20 of these kits at around $1 a peice in Pasadena. The trouble is it's not a kit available on any of the usual vendor sites. It's a bit of a complicated kit...
17 years ago
Stubby Newsgroup ? ? ?
Does anyone know how I can find the Stubby Owner's newsgroup? Is it by invitation only? How does one wrangle an invitation to lurk and maybe ask a few questions? Thanks. Barry "I think I'll go down in...
17 years ago 6
Re: recommendation for face shield
Jon, In terms of plain face shields I have used the Huntsman and Willson flat wraparaound styles and prefer the Huntsman. The Willson shield seems to be of softer plastic and has given me trouble when...
17 years ago 2
wood industry in croatia
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17 years ago