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insults - let's be creative Re: SPAM
I like that for most of northern countries, but in many equatorial states, at least if we use farenheit, you will have some pretty smart folks - 130 deg F is not at all uncommon even in the USA -...
11 years ago
Question on sharpening setup
My current grinder for sharpening is a Harbor Freight wet/dry combo - one slow wheel, one fast. There are a lot of things that I don't like about it, but I've stuck with it for quite a while now. But...
11 years ago 12
Beginner looking for help with generic (aka "Professional Woodworker") lathe
I have a "Proefssional Woodworker" 4 speed lathe that someone gave to me after the motor capacitor died. I got it replaced and working again and I got the HSS turning set from Harbor Freight. I've...
11 years ago 6
woo! hoo! books and a chuck!
The gift giving season has been good for me! I got "New Masters of Woodturning" (Fox Chapel Publishing) Great images, great ideas, from several turners, showing some of their work, and a bit of...
11 years ago 2
Suggested wood for carving mallets?
A friend asked me to do 2 carving mallets for him, and left full size plans. Not being a carver, I have no idea what woods are preferred or avoided? He left me some fairly green walnut branch wood,...
11 years ago 29
Rescued a lathe
A coworker works elsewhere as well, and one of his co-workers there caught a bunch of lathes being dumped from a local high school. The last one had been sitting out in the rain (with a bit of plastic...
11 years ago 2
Back in the saddle
Micro Mark at sells a small light box for taking photos of model cars et al.
11 years ago
segmented vases and humidity
We got a segmented vase as a Christmas present this year. The bowl is beautiful and based on a Ray Allen design. A relative in Seattle made the vase. My wife and I live in the state of Wisconsin where...
11 years ago 3
Back In The Saddle - Xmas 08 Presents - And A Light Box
After a few days of shop clean up in preparation for turning Christmas presents it was time to get Back In The Saddle. Now, after several days - literally - of turning I think I've worked out the...
11 years ago
RE Duplicator
Tom Dougall, I tried a couple of times to send you the information you requested, and it keeps bouncing. One possibility is that the file is too large with both photographs. To determine this, I sent...
11 years ago
Drilling bullets
I came across some pens maid from rifle cartridges and deer antler on the web. It seemed like a nice thing for some of my friends who hunt so I started out to make some. One problem. How do you drill...
11 years ago 14
Been awhile since I've posted here but now that the economy has gone belly-up, my job followed and I now have some free time to catch up on all those little projects I've been meaning to do. One is a...
11 years ago 14
Woodturning, is it off topic here?
If it's still ok for this ng, I'd like to bring up for discussion some topics that might be related to woodturning. :) Sometimes I have too heavy a hand on the skew and bruise the wood so that the...
11 years ago 19
Inlay Rimmed Lidded Box with Integral Finial - Step By Step
Am almost done with actually turning a Cindy Drozda-esque lidded box - with an inlaid rim - though I didn't have the guts to turn the finial as an integral part of the lid. The illustrated procedure -...
11 years ago 4
For Dave Balderstone - encoding format mac-roman
Dave, for some reason every time I try to read one of your postings, it tells me Invalid coding system: mac-roman Aparently, the Mac uses a non-standard encoding for the upper 128 single-byte...
11 years ago 15