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Hello all,
If you would like to have more customers to your business, please read the following: We have a web center that deliver new customers to you directly every day!
How it works: 1. Receive a lead that is matched exactly to your profile in your area. 2. Review project details and estimated budget for the project. 3. If you like the job, Respond to it!
How We Get Projects: We receive various construction projects on a daily basis. Prior to offering a project to contractors, we verify it's legitimacy. After each project is verified, it gets matched to construction companies based on their profile settings and proximity of the project to a business location. This way, you only get projects that you would like to work on!
When you receive a project, you are not committed or obligated to it in any way. You will see the complete project details and an approximate budget a client is willing to spend on work.If you find this project of interest to you, the next step is to Reply to the client. Once you reply, your company's business profile will be sent to the project owner automatically and you will get an access to their contact information (phone number and email.)
Come now and signup your business for free at:
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