Dear everyone
I have recently taken up spinning. I'm still very excited about this
move, and very pleased to discover that it's not eating into my
knitting/crochet time as much as I thought. I'm just plying my first
ball of yarn now, so will be able to see how I'm doing. I'm using an
Ashford student top whorl drop spindle, and Corriedale fleece.
I bet a lot of you spin, too, do you have any tips on getting it even,
or is it practise, practise, practise? Also, do I need a lighter spindle
to spin thinner yarn? Some of my yarn is comiing out 2ply-thickness,
so I'm guessing there's something I can do to get laceweight yarn,
should I want that.
I'm also knitting socks - toe up on two circular needles for the first
So I'm learning a lot of new things right now.
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Kirsten Watson
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On Oct 20, 9:17=A0pm, Kirsten Watson wrote:
Congratulations Kirsten i am not a spinner , but i know some ladies who so , mirjam
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