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Hi All
I was wondering if someone can help me. I am a knitwear designer/producer
and I have been asked to produce some designs with alpaca yarn. The lady who
has asked me has her own alpacas and would dearly like to have the yarn hand
spun. I have never ever done spinning in my life but would love to have a
go. I have not got a clue where to begin or anything. Can anyone help me
KiInd Regards
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Jacquie Joyce
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I'm a relative newbie to spinning myself and my advice really is to just get stuck in and attempt it. I got a spindle first (it cost about $14 NZ new (about $7 US)) and got my head around the spinning process with that. I have my grandmothers old Ashford wheel and I got a copy of the Ashford Book of Spinning from the library and set to having a go on the wheel. My first spinning attempt on the wheel isn't perfect but I'm knitting a scarf from it and it's got "rustic" appeal. I've spun some alpaca too - beautifully soft but a little tricky to get started with.
Good luck!
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Vintage Purls
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Go to KnitterGuy's weblog (I think it's knitterguy.com but it might be a blogspot.com, or a .ca, I forget; he's in Canada). He has some excellent tutorials on spinning in the archives!
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Richard Eney
Go to KnitterGuy's weblog (I think it's knitterguy.com but it might be
The URL is:
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Vintage Purls

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