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Hello All
Maybe I can shed some light on the website some of you have been visiting.
It is a website about a Dutch textile exposition.
The textile artists are the elderly of whom most live in old age homes in
the Nederlands.
Mrs De Vries is the collector and liaison, between the women who made the
pieces for the exhibition, and the young Dutch artists and journalists who
curate the exhibit in different art gallery and musea in Holland.
The ideas for their knitted and crocheted projects, come from objects and
ideas these women (I take it that most of the crafts persons are woman,
but there may be men as well) from their own backgrounds. For instance
the walker is an item that a person in an old age home has to depend on,
it may even be a life saver, next to a pair of glasses and hearing aids, a
walker will keep an elderly handicapt person mobile. Another typical item
found in older homes is the little brown round box with the holes in the
top. It is what we call in Holland a stoof, my grand mother had one. It
kept your feet warm on a cold wet winter day. Inside this stoof you put a
fire proof bowl which hold hot coals. By putting your feet on top of the
box, your feet stayed warm for a long time, and you could sit and knit, or
crochet and be cozy, with out central heating.
Mrs de Vries wants to draw attention to the role the elderly played in the
Dutch society and how they express their ideas from the past and what
happens to them today while living in an old age home, connect with the
rest of the world around them. It will show the differences between what
is and what was. Mrs De Vries collects the knitted and crocheted pieces
and takes down the stories that come with it from the maker and her
surroundings and her past.
She wants to include all of you when you look at all these pieces to come
up with your own ideas about what you think it is telling you, is it
textile art or a piece of functional textiles such as a tea cozy or a
knitted dish cloth. There are places for each and one can't be without
the other. We all started to knitting simple little squares, learning
pieces that will second as dishrags or wash cloths. When we move on it
may become the coveted Gansey sweaters or complex lacey shawls, again both
were and are needed as functional pieces, but have now often evolved into
lovely complex art pieces.
When you visite the exhibits you will see that that this work is more than
needle and thread, but that each piece tells a story.
The artiste Anne Reijse, who thought that the textile collection from Mrs
de Vries, was unique and refreshing and full with wonderful surprises and
smiles went a step further, Anne contacted several other young artists and
journalists to record the stories behind the knitting. They make sure
that the exhibit goes from place to place and stays interesting and
The list of this group can be seen below
In reality this is very similar to what we have been doing for years at
RCTY, when we share our own textile experiences and adventures as well as
our needs within this group.
So let me invite you to just go back one more time and look with different
eyes at what is being shown and done on this website. If you are planning
to visit Holland soon, it will be a great show to go and see, I am sure
that most of us here can directly relate to all these lovely pieces.
Happy knitting, spinning, weaving, braiding, or any other textile art, or
craft that is close to your heart.
Frank van Dijk (24) is als audiovisueel journalist
het Knoopunt Arnhem-Nijmegen. Samen met Stefan ten Have wil hij de handgemaakte
voorwerpen en hun creatoren portreteren. Verder helpt hij met de promotie van
toekomstige exposities en andere hand-, en spandiensten.
Stefan ten Have, Student en ook te werk als audiovisueel journalist
betrokken bij Mevrouw de Vries. (zie bij Frank van Dijk)
Aline Horlings afgestudeert als illustatieve vormgever aan de
Kunstakedemie in Kampen,en bij mevrouw de vries als bemiddelaar tussen het
project en verschillende kunstinstellingen.
Anne Reijse, Ruimtelijke vormgever. Vormgever en bedenker van het project,
reageert op het project door verschillende mediums, zoals film, fotografie
en ruimtelijke vormgeving.
Lenneke van de Goot, Vrije vormgever, Zij zorgt voor ervoor dat de
algemene vormgeving van Mevrouw de Vries goed verloopt en reageert in haar
werk op het project met verschillende mediums: zoals fotografie,
ruimtelijke objecten, en verschillende soorten tekeningen .
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Thank you for all that! I do have one more question---I can't tell what scale the pieces are---miniature, life-size, whatever! Or perhaps I missed that part. Also, I had trouble opening some of the links. Will try again. Thanks again!
Wendy A Knitting Fool in Connecticut
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Thank you so much for the insight. I was hoping one of our Dutch speaking friends could tell us more, and you certainly did!
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Thank you so much for such a detailed explaination. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of all the items. What talent, to come up with such detail of everyday items. Lovely art exhibit! :o)
*hugs* Gemini
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Not Likely

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