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Hi Everyone,
I have a question. My MIL gifted me with some undyed handspun NZ
merino. The yardage is written on the label, but I'm not sure where
to begin with the gauge. It's approximately 388 meters and weighs 5
oz. How does one figure the weight to yardage (in this case meterage
I guess) relationship?
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Grab a ruler and wrap your yarn around it till you've covered an inch - count how many strands fit into an inch and then you have the WPI number (wraps per inch). This will help you judge what needle size is appropriate.
18 or more wraps and you've got yourself some laceweight yarn. 16 wraps and you've got Fingering weight. 14 wraps and you've got yourself double-knit (can't remember if that's the term Americans use - normal needle size is 4mm). etc.
You'll find lots of WPI references online. I've got a small table on my site:
formatting link
that helps, VP
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Vintage Purls
On 11 May 2007 14:38:03 -0700, Vintage Purls wrote:
An easier rule of thumb is to start with a needle approximately twice the visual width of the yarn.
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Thanks Wooly and VP,
Both suggestions are very helpful. I'll probably do the double-the- needle trick as a starter for swatching.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with this yarn, but I just love the stuff.
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