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Crochet Hat pattern needed
I'm not looking for any hat. I've done several in the past month looking for something a teenager would wear with a brim. My first couple look like hats a jockey would wear. The last one I made looked...
10 years ago 1
finished another knitted chair seat cover
Pictures and details at: Nice piece of work there, well done. As to the colours, when you have one dominant colour it is hard for the colour balancing routines to do their stuff (or in the past for a...
10 years ago 4
Looking for a pattern
Hi all! A few of you might recognize this request, since I first asked it on rctn. I didn't get much help there (quite a surprise!), so I thought I'd pop in here since it's a knit/crochet question. My...
10 years ago 10
Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it
I wish all people who celebrate Christmas . happy holiday mirjam Thank you Mirjam. I hope you enjoyed a family filled Hanukkah earlier in the month. Lizzy
10 years ago 1
Site Monitoring
Wow, what happened to this site? I've been away for a long time but now that I'm back I'm seeing one message for every ten to twenty adverts. This site should be monitored to keep the advertisiers...
10 years ago 3
Olwyn Mary - RIP 12/01/10
Just an FYI - Olwyn Mary passed unexpected on 12/01/10. I don't know why, just passing the info on. You have the wrong date. She died on Sunday, November 28. 's her obituary with a bit more info about...
10 years ago 4
thanks for the welcome
Thank you Mary, mirjam and Kirsten. Always nice to feel welcome. Mirjam, one of my dreams is to make it to Isreal one of these years. So many in my family have been there. Forgot to add another...
10 years ago 1
lap blankets?
Does anyone have a list of local Wash DC places that might need lap blankets? Have alot of leftover yarn, and want to get ou the crochet hooks and put it to good use. I'm not from that area, but have...
10 years ago 2
Anyone working on anything?
I am mostly busy sewing, making some fall and winter clothes, but the asthma has subsided enough that I now feel I can knit while watching the tv news. Nothing complicated, mind you, just something to...
10 years ago 22
Dear everyone I have recently taken up spinning. I'm still very excited about this move, and very pleased to discover that it's not eating into my knitting/crochet time as much as I thought. I'm just...
10 years ago 1
my project
I have a project for knitting 6 chair seat covers, which I've blogged about (with pictures) at . and about those chair covers Lovely and very brave of you i would be afraid people will pick a thread...
10 years ago 6
changing the technique
Sometimes i see a nice sweater /vest/shawl in knitting and wonder how it would look in crochet and vice versa ... it is a nice thinking process, to try and work it out , mirjam I've done that quite a...
10 years ago 1
Crochet injury
I've done so much crocheting in the past 2 weeks I've hurt my shoulder. How the heck does one hurt their shoulder while moving their hands. Ahh nothing a little ice and motrin won't take care of. I've...
10 years ago 14
FA: Dyeing equipment
We bought some equipment from a small dye company that went out of business. As far as we know, the equipment was in use and working, but we have not used it. Gaston County Dye Bench County Yarn Dryer...
10 years ago
Where have all the knitters gone ?
No knitters no crocheters no weavers ? where have you all gone ? maybe we should open a new group ? mirjam I have just finished sewing up a sweater for my daughter which she started and then left. As...
10 years ago 20