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Blocking boards
This newsgroup is seriously in need of some life support, so here goes. I've recently gotten back into lace knitting, but I'm starting to reach the limits of size on the piece of foam core board I've...
8 years ago 4
Looking for patterns
Hello I am looking for a series of patterns called Enchanted Crochet. Copyright is 1982. They are a series of mini crochet toy patterns like Mickey Mouse, Ziggy, Orphan Annie, etc. Does anyone have...
8 years ago 4
Searching for Dji Dji
I am searching for Dji Dji yarn by Stanley Berroco. This yarn is now vintage and no longer available in stores. This yarn looks like mohair but is actually brushed wool made in Ireland. If anyone has...
8 years ago
Pattern ?
Pattern: row 2 is done over and over agaib-K10,slip marker,k1f&b,knit to end. Repeat row 2 every row until there are 16 sts. Does this mean every time I reach 10, I add a stitch. Thanks Dawn O "dawn0"...
8 years ago 1
FYI, tape is not the ideal material
for bundling yarn together to donate to a thrift store. (a recent purchase was so encumbered)
8 years ago
Fashion Law Breakfast at LMFF
Middletons is a proud supporting partner of L=92Or=E9al Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) an annual celebration of fashion, design, business and creative endeavour held in March. Middletons has...
8 years ago
Knitting patterns!
If you are a machine knitter or hand knitter there is a pattern for you. You will also find cross stitch and needlework patterns for home printing. This department is new to Craftsuprint but is going...
8 years ago
Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it
Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it from the country where the story happened ,, mirjam Thank you. Happy holidays (whichever holiday you choose to celebrate if any) to you. There seems to be some...
9 years ago 6
On my needles and on my wheels
I am knitting two-at-a-time socks on a long 47" circular. I prefer Knit Picks Harmony needles and so that's what I'm using. They are #2. The sock yarn is a really boring midnight navy superwash merino...
9 years ago 9
Darn it!
It would appear that there are enough lurkers on this newsgroup to hold a conversation after all -- all it needs is for each of us to start a thread. So -- do your hand-knits get worn enough to...
9 years ago 4
Re: On Topic -- these godawful ads
On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 06:42:40 -0800 (PST), Mary wrote: Some offenders can be filtered out by your access provider -- Eternal September is very good at that. The rest you have to take care of with your...
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Indianapolis Colts colors
What color and brand of yarn would closely match the Indianapolis Colts color of blue? I have a couple projects (baby legwarmers - want to work them in sport/Dk and then a child's hat) that I'm...
9 years ago
sock loopers for weaving
Currently listing auction style a large selection of sock loopers on ebay. Go to see what is available. Shop eBay for great deals from ldkocher!
9 years ago
A trusted name in Cotton Under garments
Hi, "A progressive organization with sound investments in good quality systems and innovative marketing" T.T. Knitted fabric are knitted from the finest quality yarn especially chosen for its shine...
9 years ago
Dji Dji yarn by Berocco
I am looking for some yarn by Berocco called Dji Dji. It is a mohair blend. The skeins are two colors (green/brown, purple/green, etc.). I don't believe it is made any longer so if someone finds some...
9 years ago 5