Dji Dji yarn by Berocco

I am looking for some yarn by Berocco called Dji Dji. It is a mohair
blend. The skeins are two colors (green/brown, purple/green, etc.). I
don't believe it is made any longer so if someone finds some way down
deep in their stash, please let me know.
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Hi Bonnie,
Are you a member of Ravelry? It is free if you're not. I just did a search on there and there is some stashed. Not sure how one goes about getting it, but I suppose you just ask.
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King's Crown
Yes, find the yarn and send a polite PM to the stasher to see if they're willing to sell it.
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Bonnie, I have two full skeins of Dji Dji Color # 8740, Lot #508, and one of Color #5001 (white), Lot # 405. They are clean and odorless. You are welcome to them if you still want them. Let me know.
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