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Hello Everyone,

I recently retired early (no income) because of health issues. My son
wants me to do machine embroidery something I know nothing about. I
realize it is an Art that may take a long time to master.  

What book or information source or school courses would benefit me the
most in the beginning?  Maybe work someone elses shop to get an idea?

What commercial machine is most preferred and practical for a home
setup?  Any idea of the cost of a better machine? $$$$

Where could I find a standard for charging for a job?  

My son demo's his fashions in Vegas and San Diego and probably will be
my main source of work in the future.
I think he wants to keep me busy:)

This whole notion may be impractical being I am an old Boomer and
can't bend or squat for very long.

Any input is appreciated, what do you think?

Thank you kindly,

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Temecula CA.USA

Re: Machine Embroidery - Student
I haven't really seen too many people make any profit in this venture,
on a home machine level. For a hobby, I say it is great and a lot of
fun and a feeling of self satisfaction.  A few bucks along the way
helps in the pride but by the time you purchase a machine and get
setup for a few thousand you still won't be able to sell a washcloth
with a pretty picture embroidered on it to match the store prices at
$0.99 in the bargain bins. personalized embroidery is valid only for a
few and can make some money but the time and effort will not be
monetarily profitable.

Are you in a large room with 40 PE-150s with no backs installed and
fans keeping them cool along with 39 other Mexican women?

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Re: Machine Embroidery - Student
Before you make any kind of purchases visit an ISS show near you. Go
to join the forums and do some reading and monitor
whats being talked about. The worst thing you can do is jump in with
both feet and sink. Do research on everything...
An ISS show is awsome because there you can see and talk with the
MFG's of the top producers and suppliers. Take your son he'll love it
too and leave the credit card and check book at home. after the visit
to the show come home review all the info you recieved and then make
the choice.

good luck  :)

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 20:13:48 -0500, "John J. Bengii"

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Re: Machine Embroidery - Student wrote:
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A friend of mine who wanted to do something similar connected with a man
in his area who services commercial machines, and he bought a used
machine from him -- with an excellent guarantee.  He was able to get
what he wanted, a fairly entry-level type machine, at a good price.

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