To anyone who digitizes what is the best auto digitizing program to use

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i am looking for the best auto digitizing program to use i want to try
digitizing and
want to get one that does auto digitizing that way if i like it i dont have to
buy another
program any and all advice would be welcomed

Re: To anyone who digitizes what is the best auto digitizing program to use
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Hello Dina,

As far as I know, there is no "Auto" digitizing software.  Its seems
to be a common misconception.  Work has to be digitized by someone
from scratch using pictures etc as guides.  The digitizer(person)
would use special embroidery software.  Some software are inexpesive
while others range in the $300+++.  The digitizer would use the
picture etc. to apply embroidery information like color, thread design
and so forth.  You have to have some experience using such software.
If this is not something you want to do or invest in, there are people
like me that digitize designs for people on the internet.

Re: To anyone who digitizes what is the best auto digitizing program to use
NovaFoil wrote:

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Not so at all. There are many autodigitizing programs that accept a
bitmap image (such as jpeg, bmp, tif, or the bitmap preview from some
vector formats) as input and with minimum interaction produce a
functioning design file (usually with a choice of .hus, .pes, etc.)

Some, like Click 'N Stitch, are standalone programs; some, like
Artista, are integrated into a single multi-function embroidery
package, and some, like PEDesign's are separately accessed modules of
a package that's sold as a unit. Others, like the Viking/Pfaff
product, are optional modules of a comprehensive set of embroidery

True, the results are not on a par with a design that has been
manually digitized by someone who knows what they're doing, and the
available image to be digitized often needs some extensive work in a
graphics program to allow it to be auto-digitized.

   - Herb

Re: To anyone who digitizes what is the best auto digitizing program to use
dina wrote:

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Anyone who asks for "the best' anything can't possibly get a useful
answer.  What's the best place to live? or the best chair? It's what's
best for YOU that matters, and that depends on a lot of things. If you
went to a real estate agent and asked "what's the best house for me?",
you'd be asked a whole lot of questions before you got any
recommendations - that's exactly what I'm doing here:

What are you going to do with it? Digitized photographs? Text?
Cartoon-y images? Realistic images of real objects? People?

What quality level do you need. Designs on children's playclothes
don't necessarily need to be at the same level as you'd want on fancy
  clothing or elegant tableware.

Do you want the one that produces the best results but might be hard
to learn? Or one that produces mediocre results with little or no
learning involved? And do you learn by "playing around" or by reading
a manual or by listening to a tutorial lecture or something else. Each
program has different learning tools available.

Will you be doing more than just auto-digitizing? For instance editing
designs or creating them from scratch? Would you prefer an all-in-one
product like Artista (large investment all at once, but you get an
integrated system with a single learning curve)? Or just get the
minimal package at first and add on other functions later (sometimes
you can no longer get matching versions).

And both I and the real estate agent will ask exactly the same
question: How much do you have in mind to spend on this?

  - Herb

  - Herb

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