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Re: Wilcom TrueSizer e2.0 Problem Again (was Re: What to expect from a digitizer?)

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Hi, Herb --

I agree it doesn't make any sense.  :-D  

One of the options on the toolbar is "Print Preview" that will print a
report of the colors, what size it is, how many stitches, the stitch
order, etc..  I can't access this report -- or whatever it's called --
without the toolbar.  The ALT keys don't access all of the
functionality from the toolbar.  

Here's a screenshot:  


The area that I've bordered in red isn't there at all after the
program has been started two or three times.  I get the title bar and
the grid -- no menu bar or toolbar.  Revert doesn't restore them. Only
uninstalling and re-installing makes them re-appear.  

I've sent an email to Wilcom asking them about it, but haven't heard
back from them yet.  


Re: Wilcom TrueSizer e2.0 Problem Again (was Re: What to expect from a digitizer?)
OK, I've upgraded from e1.5 to e2.0B.

The first thing that popped up was this little message:


Right-click keeps the Toolbar Menu open for multiple toolbox
selection. Click away from the menu to close it.

Left-click closes the Toolbar Menu after a single click."

If you find that confusing, don't feel bad. It also doesn't make sense.
Moreover, I can't get a right or left click to do anything like that!

In the help file, though, I found some keystroke shortcuts that might
work when the menu bar isn't visible:

Function Shortcut
Open          Ctrl+O
Save          Ctrl+S
Print         Ctrl+P
Exit          Alt+F4
Select All    Ctrl+A
Deselect All  X or Esc
Nudge         Arrow keys
Show All      0 (zero) or F2
Show Needle Points (period)
TrueView      T
Show Stitches S
Show Outlines L
Pan           P
Zoom 1:1      1
Zoom In 2X    Z or F9
Zoom Out 2X   Shft+Z
Zoom Box      B or F8
Zoom Factor   F
Redraw        R or F4
Slow Redraw   Shft+R

Maybe some of this will help, or maybe YOU can figure out what that
left-click/right-click Toolbar comment is trying to say!

I WAS able to drag the menu bar and the other toolbars to different
poaitions, attached to the bottom or sides of the window and even
outside of the window.

   - Herb

On 5/20/2012 4:40 PM, Ellie wrote:
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Re: Wilcom TrueSizer e2.0 Problem Again (was Re: What to expect from a digitizer?)

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LOL!  Well, it *seemed* to mean while you had that selection open you
could use right-click to check all the boxes, rather than having to
select that option four times to do that.  That's what it did for me.
But right-clicking, left-clicking, pounding on the desk -- none of
that seemed to fill that empty space back up with goodies after they
were gone.  

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Yup -- I found those, too.  It seems, though, that they don't have
keyboard shortcuts for all the options you get when the toolbars are
visible, unfortunately.  :-)  

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That's good to know!  I was afraid to try that!  

It's very possible that those got dragged out of the window somehow --
though I have no idea how I could have done that -- and that happens
all the time with other software I use and is a common question on
those "help me!" lists.

I did hear back from Wilcom, which I didn't expect on a Sunday.  I was
encouraged by the fact that they didn't tell me to "stop dragging
those out of the window."  :-D  They told me to run ResetProfile.BAT.
So, if it happens again, I'll try that and let you know what happens.

Thanks, Herb!  

Re: What to expect from a digitizer?
If the digitizer gave you the pattern in a professional format they do not
specify colours but rather needles and each needle is specified by a
particular colour, any colour. Usually the basic ones, like red, blue, green
etc.. The pattern would be supplied to each machine with a needle to colour
chart. It is up to you to put the thread colour you want for each needle

What is the file format they returned your pattern in? Also, it could have
been converted to your desired format after digitizing and the same logic
would apply.

"Ellie"  wrote in message

I hope this group isn't dead.

I am new to this -- just got my machine a few days ago.  I sent a JPG
to a digitizer and i'm confused about what I got back.

The colors in the file aren't the ones from my JPG.  It's not that
they're different shades, which I would expect, it's that they're
completely different colors.  Is this how it's usually done?  I know
the machine doesn't know what colors I'm using, but there are five
color changes and I can see getting confused at some point after I've
spent awhile doing these.  I was also wanting to send a pic of the
digitized design to my friend who wants the shirts to see if it looks
okay to him, but I know his first impression would be, "What is

The size of the logo is about 1/2-inch less than what I specified,
which I'm thinking is significant for something that's less than 4-
inches wide to begin with?  The logo has some plain text underneath
it, and the font size is noticeably smaller than what was in the JPG I

I've never digitized anything, or had anything digitized, so I don't
know if this is just how things work?  The first time I sent it to
him, I realized I didn't give him all the info he needed when I got
the file back, just from the machine, etc., that were in the print-
out.  So when I sent it to him a second time, I made sure to be very
thorough and specific.  But the printout still shows a different
machine, the threads are different colors, etc.

I haven't been able to stitch the design successfully yet, but I'm
sure that's a matter of my learning curve.  The logo is for polo
shirts and I guess I just don't have the hang of embroidering knits,
though I have been able to do several on woven fabrics that look
great.  There are a couple of things about the stitching that I don't
like, but I haven't mentioned them to him yet -- I wanted to get to
the point where I could actually stitch the design properly first.

I thought about asking him about all of this, but I've asked him other
questions and though he answers my emails, he doesn't address the
issues I've asked him about.  He did let me know how he wanted to be
paid, though.  :-D  I don't think English is his native language,
which I don't have a problem with, but it has me wondering if he just
doesn't understand what I'm asking in the first place.

I really don't have the time to mess around anymore -- I need to find
someone who can just do these for me.  I just don't know if I should
keep trying to use him, or move on.

Re: What to expect from a digitizer?
On Tue, 22 May 2012 00:30:28 -0400, "John P. Bengi"
<Pissie@Tazoar=digiTraks=kit=George Watson=Trawley Trash=Venlig
spam=cHips=mallet.=pop-Poster=I.am.a.moron.surprise.invalid> wrote:

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Yes, I've learned since then that's what's going on.  Thanks.  :-)

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