Hello again, ISO Fowl Play chart

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I did something In my preferences back in autumn that made the words of the
 postings disappear and then started my seasonal job so haven't been around
 for months.  Now that the season has ended (though, whoopee, I'm still bei
ng scheduled for a few days a week!) the words are back so I can read the p
ostings again. :-)

Also back in autumn, I received a piece of Hopscotch Aida fabric that would
 be perfect for a picture of a chicken but the only Buff Orpington chart I  
could find is in a booklet called Fowl Play by Jeannette Crews that seems t
o be out of print.  There is one on Ebay for $12 but I don't think the char
t sold at that price when it was new and the one on EBay is used.  Does any
one have this in their stash who would be willing to work a deal with me? I
t's not something I'm going to work on right away because it is down a ways
 on my list of things to do but . . .

In the mean time, I've ordered books at the library so I can design somethi
ng for my NEXT baby great nephew, who will be born late this spring. :-)  I
 used MLI's baby in a basket chart for the first one but would like to do s
omething more Hawaiian for this one.  My nephew is married to a beautiful (
and wonderful, according to my sister) Hawaiian girl and both boys have Haw
aiian middle names but all the Hawaiian themed charts I've found are either
 too girly or too "vacationy" for what I have in mind.  I thought I'd come  
up with a Hawaiian Alphabet sampler, using Hawaiian animals - assuming I ca
n figure out how to chart some of them before baby is grown and married him
self! :-)

I guess I've rambled enough for now. I've also got a  tabletopper "due" in  
April for, hopefully, a combination wedding/house warming gift.  

Liz from Humbug

Re: Hello again, ISO Fowl Play chart
On 1/12/2014 4:07 PM, Liz from Humbug wrote:
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Nice to see you here again, Liz. Sorry, I can't help with the  
chart..just wanted to say "Hi"


Re: Hello again, ISO Fowl Play chart
I Found One!  After a couple of false alarms, where the chart was either ov
er priced or the shipping would make it so, I found a chart on Etsy and ord
ered it this afternoon.  I even thought to measure the fabric to make sure  
the chicken will actually fit on the square of fabric. :-)

Thanks for all the replies.  I've also requested a couple of books from the
 library to give me the Hawaiian alphabet and some simple Hawaiian animals.
  Now that I'm not working again except for the 4 hours a week at the libra
ry (the other IS a seasonal job, after all) I'm going to try to make myself
 do 4 hours of "work" (chickens, firewood, vacuuming, etc) a day AND THEN a
llow myself to STITCH for 4 hours!  Since I won't have any commute, I shoul
d have plenty of time to squeeze in all 8 hours unless I get a better offer
, in which case I'll take it! :-)  

Also, could some of you people back east send us some of you moisture!  We  
had 4 to 6 inches of snow in early December, followed by two weeks of frigi
d temperatures (for us) that just made the snow turn to ice.  Since then, w
e've had about half an inch of rain with no more in sight!  We've only rece
ived HALF  of the moisture we usually get and have virtually no snow pack i
n the mountains.  You send us some moisture and I'll send some afternoon su
nshine.   The Rogue Valley itself gets pea soupy fog this time of year but  
the Applegate valley is just enough higher in elevation that we get sunshin
e most of the day.  When we DO get fog, it's not the gross and thick stuff  
that they get in town, it's the nice, fluffy "we're only in the clouds" typ
e of fog.  I still may get called back to work if things pick up but I'm no
t holding my breath. :-)  

Liz from Humbug

Re: Hello again, ISO Fowl Play chart
On 1/12/2014 3:07 PM, Liz from Humbug wrote:
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 > of the postings disappear and then started my seasonal job so haven't
 > been around for months.  Now that the season has ended (though,
Quoted text here. Click to load it
 > are back so I can read the postings again. :-)

Yaaaaay, she's back!

Are any of the animals "normal" animals that we might recognize, like a  
macaw or something?  Or do they all have long Hawaiian names?  I'm  
asking because I have a few animals pics like a flamingo and a macaw.  I  
got them from Ellen Maurer-Stroh's site.

Joan, who just got an order of pears today! :):):)

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