liquid stitch test results

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I have not had the opportunity to test the liquid-stitch method for binding
a WUH, but I tried it for glueing on a label on a dolly quilt.  It works a
treat!  It dried just fine, and I was careful to get the glue all the way to
the edges, just a smooth thin layer all over.  So I can not even pick it
loose with my nails.  Nice, neat, easy.

Karen, Queen of Squishies

Re: liquid stitch test results
Thanks for making the experiment, Karen!  How flexible is it?  Do you think
it would still be flexible enough with the four layers of fabric used for
binding?  I've always used it for various things- the main one being gluing
down 3D appliqués- like big full flowers.  It's also great for securing
thread ends for embroidery- just a teensy dab on the point of a pin- and for
gluing Velcro in place- as you know!  VBG  It can help with repairs on
fabrics that shred close to a seam.  It's a really good tool that I think is

Leslie & The FOUR Furbabies in MO.

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Re: liquid stitch test results
It's very flexible, because the label is not real heavy-weight stuff, and
because the layer of glue is very thin.  My limited-experience opinion here
would be that it would be quite flexible enough for a binding, if you don't
gob it on thick.

Karen, Queen of Squishies

How flexible is it?  Do you think
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