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Re: any joy with gathering foot ?

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I usually mark the matching points, gather the fabric up shorter than
it is supposed to be, pin the matching points with right-angle pins,
stretch the gathers to fit, do the figure-8 bit if necessary (I use
doubled cotton thread in the bobbin, so it doesn't slip much), arrange
the gathers -- stroking back and forth with a fingernail tends to even
them, as does stretching them parallel to the wrinkles -- use
right-angle pins as required to make things stay put, turn the work
over, put in in-line pins, removing each right-angle pin as its duty
is taken up by pins on this side, then sew with the gathers down,
removing pins as I stitch up to their points.  

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net

Re: any joy with gathering foot ?
Dear Robb,

We don't really mean it when we say to pull the threads; we hold the
threads tautly in one hand, and slide the fabric along the threads.
Pulling the threads makes them break, and the language that follows
the snapped thread should not be heard.    And Beverley, I go one step
farther; I sew three rows of gathers in everything that won't be
marked with pinholes.  The third row assures that the gathers don't
get caught under the foot as you sew.  This doesn't work with all
fabrics, but the ones I use all the time for gathers are cottons that
are not marred.


Re: any joy with gathering foot ? wrote:
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Exactly, I never thought of it any other way, but I can see
how a novice sewist might.

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And even using the utmost care, one in a while a bobbin
thread will break!  @#$^%#@  That also means taking out the
entire line of gathering stitching and sewing it again.  It
also means I should have used buttonhole twist or upholstery
thread in the bobbin, I keep one filled for just that

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Me too!  I just didn't want too scare Robb off of trying
this method by telling him to sew three rows.  Funny how
some people think sewing the best way is the hardest way.
Actually, for me, just the reverse is true.  ;-)

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I sew on just about all types of fabric, and if there's any
question about thread holes showing after they are removed,
I test.


Re: any joy with gathering foot ?
BEI Design wrote:
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You can also do a zigzag over a length of perle cotton, nylon
monofilament, or other strong thread.  Dental floss?
stitches @
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