How-to lipped cord?

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I'd like to use some unlipped cording for a bedskirt. (cord between skirt &

How do I sew a cord without any lip? Do I need to have a lip (I've only sewn
pillows with covered cord made w. bias strip)

The catch is, I don't want to cover the cord; should I "stitch in the ditch"
with a zigzag, or .... is this handsewn only?

Re: How-to lipped cord?

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If you are well and truly set on using that type of cording, then I'd use a
good fabric glue to apply it.  Aileen's "Okay to Wash" is a good one.  And
Beacon brand has one too.  Can't think of the name of it.  They are both
sturdy, permanent and machine washable.  And it's not like you will be
throwing a bedskirt in the washing machine weekly.  (I mean doesn't
**everyone** hit the bed skirt with the vacuum when you vacuum the bedroom
carpet???  LOL)

If this were something small, I'd say hand sew it on.  Since you are talking
about a bedskirt, I will err on the side of sanity and tell you:  You don't
want to hand stitch that all on there.  My fingers have gone numb thinking
about that much hand stitching through heavy fabric.

Now, if you want to do it on your machine, find some welting you like that
has a lip.  That you can sew to one side or the other before you sew the
seam.  The lip will be hidden in the seam allowance.  If you don't want to
make your own, look at  and see if they have anything you
like.  Also you might try   I've ordered from both
places.  NAYY.  Just a happy customer.  Either one is likely to have ready
made welting that would work for you.

My 2 cents.


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