"reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

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Since it appears at least a few people actually interested in discussing
  stamping are still popping into the newsgroup, I'll take the
initiative to start up some discussion topics that hopefully will get
conversations flowing.  Let's reactivate this newsgroup!  We all have
experience, or want help, or can share tips or projects.  The best way
to have an active newsgroup is to be an active member yourself, so don't
just lurk - pop in!  Hopefully we'll have a snowball effect, and others
will come out of lurkdome and we'll drown out the ads!  And check in
often so that we can keep things going.

Introducing myself:  My name is Barbara.  I am from Indiana, although
originally from Michigan.  I have a wonderful husband and an active cat
(Kitty, by name).  No children as of yet.  In addition to stamping, I
also enjoy counted cross-stitch, among other things, and post
occasionally on rec.crafts.textiles.needlework.  I am a scientist by
trade.  Crafts are my outlet for the creative side of my brain :-)

I began stamping about three years ago.  A friend gave me a set of
stamped and embossed notecards as a birthday gift.  I asked her to show
me how to make such things, and was instantly hooked.  Stamping gives
much more instant gratification than my cross-stitching projects offer!
  I started with two stamps, four markers, clear embossing ink, a heat
gun, and gold embossing powder.  I now have a lot more in the way of
supplies :-)  Just today, a colleague brought in some stamp supplies she
no longer uses and blessed me with that gift of more stash!

Stamping has also been a great family link.  I managed to hook my mom
(now also a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and active in a stamp club with
her coworkers) and my mother-in-law both.  It's been a great common
ground to build my relationship with my MIL.  Last year, the three of us
attended an Auntie Amy stamp convention in Novi, MI, and had a totally
wonderful time!  We are planning to attend this year's convention in Ft.
Wayne, IN, in October.

Just last weekend, I stamped like crazy to get some samples prepared for
submission to "The Rubber Stamper" magazine.  With any luck, maybe some
of my cards will be published!

Looking forward to meeting all of you,

Re: "reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!

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I've been lurking for a very long time, so   I guess I need to join in

My name is Patricia.. or Pat as most call me. I live in South Carolina
now, but I spent my childhood in the Bronx, and most of my life in New

I'm not an expert rubberstamper by any means. To me, stamps are more a
means than an end... you see,  I have this problem... I'm a paper
junkie! I love papers, handmade, machine made, brightly colored, plain
white... you name it! Now, if I kept buying all those papers, and
didn't do anything with them.. people might think I was... odd.

So, I stamp!! And the papers turn into cards... collages... all sorts
of things!


Re: "reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!
Hey Patricia,
I love paper too. I used to spend hours as a kid admiring all the office
supply stuff, especially paper. I still do, only now I do most of that


Re: "reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!
Welcome, Pat!  Nice to meet you!  I can identify with the paper
collecting.  For me it's not necessarily just paper, but office supplies
in general, like Jeannette.  I love the smell of an office supply store.
  I'm bummed about computers, because that's less of the neat office
supplies that I need to use on a daily basis.  Like you, stamping/cards
have given me a good reason to keep all of my tools about!


Pat wrote:

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another stamping addict
Hi stumpers!

I've been lurking on this group for about a year now and have been
disappointed (until now) about all the ads that have been here and nothing
from real stumpers.  I started stamping several years ago (mostly from
watching Carol Duval!) because I thought it would be a great way to send
cards without spending so much money.  Of course I was wrong about the
money, but I do LOVE to stamp.

I live in a little town in Georgia now (although I am a transplant - which
is the Southern way of calling you a Yankee while trying not to be
offensive) and there is nothing in the area for stumpers.  (OK, there is one
tiny little section of the local scrapbook store and there is a Michael's
but...) I generally buy my stamps and supplies from the internet and get
some really great deals that way.   I only use unmounted stamps and am so
happy to have 1000s of stamps that barely take up any room at all.  I too
have tons of paper and never tire of buying more - though I keep telling
myself that I need to use what I have first.

I was just curious if we could get anyone interested in being  penpals.  Not
that the computer pictures aren't nice, but I would love to see some of the
cards that other folks make and happily would send mine.  I'm new enough  to
the area that I haven't been any stampers, so it would be fun to at least
have some snail mail stamping buddies.  Anyone up for card exchange?

Glad to see real stampers on this list!

Karen R. Brooks

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Re: another stamping addict
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Where are you?  I live in Nebraska now, but grew up in Lawrenceville and
Sugar Hill.  I went to College at Valdosta State.


Re: another stamping addict
Oh, I just realized that I typed stumpers instead of stampers. Oh well.

I live in Newnan, a little south west of Atlanta.  We haven't been here very
long so I'm unfamiliar with the rest of Georgia so far.  Actually I don't
mind not having stamping stores, the internet provides me with all of the
goodies that I need.


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Re: another stamping addict
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I know exactly where Newnan is.  My grandmother used to live in Columbus and
I have a friend who lives in Grantville.


Re: another stamping addict
Tom and Karen Brooks wrote:
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I'd be happy to do a card exchange with you.  We can email off the ng
and exchange snail mail addresses.


Re: another stamping addict
I would also like to be involved.  My email is snipped-for-privacy@aol.com I
will exchange addresses and cards also.  I have done some card swaps,
and I always enjoy getting the cards and looking at what other people
do.  I don't have the ability to take pictures and such now, so maybe
someone can see my stuff this way.  I would also love to do a paper
swap, embellishment swap, etc for those things we just had to have and
never use. I think you know what I mean.



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Re: "reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!
I've lurked here for a while because of all the adds.  I am so glad to see
actual discussion picking up!

I'm a Stampin' Up a Demonstrator (since 10/02).  I have been stamping since
1997 when I received the cutest "thank you" card from my son's preschool
teacher.  I flipped it over to see where she got it and saw the "hand
stamped" on the back.  I was immediately hooked.

I have 3 sons (17, 13 and 11), 1 dog, 2 cats and 3 snakes.  We lost a guinea
pig and rabbit last year, but I think we are ready to get another of each.

I scrapbook.  I'm a WW lifetime member (lost 60 lbs.).  I live in Nebraska.


Re: "reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!
I've lurked for a looong time.  I'm all for jump starting the group.
My name is Kenda, I live in the central part of Arkansas. I'm a
firefighter/EMT with one of the municipal departments in my area.  I'm
married with 2 sons, 16 &14.  We also have one very large, very old black
labrador, one middle aged cat and 4 guinea pigs.

I started sewing when I was 14, bought my first sewing machine at 14.  I
saved my baby sitting money all summer to buy it!  LOL  I began quilting
after I had my first son.  I recently (around a year and a half ago) began
scrapbooking.  I then found rubber stamps!!!  I love learning new
techniques.  I love to make cards and have tried my hand at altering things.
I seem to be a collector of supplies.  Sadly I live in an artistic vaccum so
I order many of my supplies on-line or do some serious shopping while in
other states!  LOL  But I'm always on the hunt locally for items I see in
the many magazines I buy, I love them for inspiration!  I'm love my computer
because I've gotten so much info/learned new techniques while cruising the

Guess that about covers me.
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Re: "reactivating" r.c.rs with some discussion - introductions first!
Barbara Hass wrote:

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Well, shoot, I don't stamp much these days, but I'll play. (-:

I'm Pat Kight. I'm an old Internet hand, by current standards, having been
on line since the early 1990s and taken part in newsgroups back in the
wild-and-wooly days before the Web existed. I've been stamping for about as
long, starting with cards and later moving on to three-dimensional
mixed-media projects incorporating stamps as a design element.

Anything else people want to know they can probably find out from my Web
site, http://www.peak.org/~kightp , which includes a not-very-up-to-date
gallery of some of my stamp work, plus my more recent knitting addiction.

Glad to see the group coming back to life. I'll try to chime in as I have
the time and interest; who knows, maybe this will even inspire me to get
back into my studio!

Pat Kight

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