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Is there a way to take a yellow couch cover (polyester?) and turn it
white? What kind of bleach should one use?

Re: Bleaching??

You can't use regular bleach on polyester--it will set the yellow.  Try
Oxyclean or Miracle White, both in the laundry section at the grocery


Re: Bleaching??

gavsko wrote:
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I doubt you'd get very good results, that large a piece of fabric
will bunch up, even in a commercial machine, and any product will
have difficulty reaching all the bits.  That said, you might take
a look at the Rit products for color/stain removal:



Re: Bleaching??
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It this is a yellow polyester (instead of a stained polyester), you're
pretty much out of luck.  Poly is not dyeable by home methods, nor
can you strip the color easily.


Re: Bleaching??
Thanks for the advice everyone, it's been very useful

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