1944 oliver

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looks well used but same owner for last 29 years


plus everything else goes with it including the wood

a steal at 2500 for someone that has the room and equipment to move it

Re: 1944 oliver
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I don't know.  I know everyone talks about how great things were 50-60-70 y
ears ago.  And maybe simple things were built better back then with more la
bor quality and raw material quality.  But anything with any sophistication
 to it, I'll take modern over old.  1960s-1970s car or 2010 car?  I think a
 lathe fits into the sophisticated category.  An electric motor makes it so
phisticated.  The one on this lathe says 2hp, 7.7 amps, and 400/2000 rpm.  
Not sure how the rpm works with two speeds.  A motor would not specify two  
pulleys.  12 or 16 inch swing?  I think you would be better off with a comp
arable priced new Jet lathe.  Or finding a Rikon/Woodfast which is basicall
y identical to this except variable speed.  Or save a few more dollars and  
get the Powermatic 3520.  Its only an extra $1500 right now.

Re: 1944 oliver
On Mon, 13 Mar 2017 19:08:44 -0700 (PDT)

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not sure how the speed is controlled  
the controller does not reveal how it works to me

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try the outboard setup and turn 6 foot bowls like the ad says

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they are not identical since the oliver is built like a tank
this kind of lathe is not for someone that would buy a jet lathe

this guy has several oliver lathes


these oliver lathes are in a class alone  

maybe robust and oneway comes close but you know what they say about

Re: 1944 oliver
On a lathe this old and being a speed controller - it is :

1. mechanical I say no.
2. Thyratrons running two for control of AC rectification and power  
control.   It might be powered by them and driven by a pulse width
signal that drives more or less current.  Pulse-width-modulation...

(the beginning of the SCR controllers SS Thyratrons and frequency  
controlled motors.)

I'd expect the latter since it is a DC motor with a speed control.

I'd not worry much as long as it can be demonstrated running....

I have some 1000 amp Thyratrons - and made a Flip-Flop that pulsed the
units on/off automatically  and it was a light show and fun.


On 3/16/2017 6:38 PM, Electric Comet wrote:
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Re: 1944 oliver
On Thu, 16 Mar 2017 21:30:15 -0500

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why not just slip pulleys a.k.a. reeves drive

thyratron sounds pretty exotic for a wood lathe

Re: 1944 oliver
The large motor likely has to much for slip.

If you mean a CONE pulley on both sides - likely.
Then why not an AC drive.

If slip - why not a AC drive.

No need for DC motor if not electronic speed control.
Those were in use at that time.

AC motors are lower cost than DC.


On 3/18/2017 6:36 PM, Electric Comet wrote:
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Re: 1944 oliver
On Sun, 19 Mar 2017 20:52:33 -0500

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good points and questions  
oliver may have drawings still of the mechanism

the motor maker is still doing business and looks to be high quality

blurb says motors up to 20,000hp

also the lathe was made in late 1940 according to the serial number

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