Custom Made Cookie Cutters from Things4Thinkers

Hello, do you have a need for a custom made cookie cutter? Or are you look
ing for unique cookie cutters? If so, come check out Things4Thinkers custo
m cookie cutters.
How are we different from the other cookie cutter printers?
We design the cookie cutters in CAD, we are not using some sort of plug and
play click a button and copy procedure. We control every part of our cutt
ers, so you will not find cutters that are too thick, our cutters generally
have walls that are .6 mm thick so they will actually cut through your dou
Our cutters are clean. You will not find sticky residue or Blue paint stuc
k to the bottom of your cutters. They are also sealed in a plastic bag.
We are fast, your order will generally go out the same or next day and is s
hipped using usps First Class mail with tracking so you can track the progr
ess of your order. Custom orders will take longer since they have to be de
signed. It usually only takes a day or two to do a custom design.
We also stand behind our products, if you are not happy with your order you
can return the item within 30 days of your order for a refund.
Ships from Tucson Arizona USA
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Come by and take a look at what we have.
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