Raisin bread problem

I would like use my bread machine to make my raisin bread. The instructions tell you to add the raisins when you hear the signal. But every time I do this most of the raisins don't make it inside the bread. Most of them are on the bottom of the loaf. What can I do to get them throughout the inside?
Thanks for any help.
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On Jun 9, 2:39=A0pm, LENPAT wrote:
I would certainly try the method used to keep raisins, nuts or any dried fruits from becoming sinkers: simply put the raisins in a baggie with a wee bit of flour, shake them up to coat, and the flour coating will help them adhere to the sticky batter instead of slithering to the bottom. ...PickyJaz
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I find it helps if the raisins are fresh. If they have dried, try soaking them before adding.
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