Which brand says on label "Better for Bread"?

I should go look, right? Been looking, but whichever it was
-and it was my wife's "only flour she will use" flour- the
factory has stopped putting that on the bag, or the factory
ran out of some ingredient or whatever.
This happened before, maybe 12, 18 months ago, logo
disappeared, then re-appeared a month or so later.
IN CASE I have to bite the bullet (Communion Sunday is
coming up) and buy a bag NOT so marked, can anybody tell me
if that particular product was
a) bromated or not bromated
b) bleached or not bleached
so I can buy the nearest equivalent... or even the right
item, mysteriously now without the little phrase.
Ol' Bab -the bread-makers gofer
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Ol' Bab
Gold Medal did "Better for Bread" now it's "Harvest King"
Ol' Bab wrote in news:47bafd95$0$6502 $ snipped-for-privacy@roadrunner.com:
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M. Halbrook
Thank you. Went to a little store and found it even as you describe. Wonder if both big stores discontinued the product... All will be revealed. Patience.
Ol' Bab
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Ol' Bab

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