I'm alive but...

I'm still alive but I have been medicated as much as I can today. I can
barely stay awake to write this to you guys. I broke my tooth yesterday
evening very badly. I have very sharp things hitting my tongue and ripping
it to shreds and eating is almost too much to bare.
After the photo shoot the parents took me out to dinner. I had a guacamole
salad and a Pina Colada Grande with Tylenol. I think the Pina Colada
relaxed me enough to take a nap. I honestly thought I was dying at dinner
until the alcohol had some affect.
I am so grateful that Dan went with me and drove me to the shoot. He was a
great help since I felt lousy. He is a great assistant when he needs to be.
Always had another roll of film handy and handed me the cameras I needed at
each juncture. What a doll.
Did I say I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA? It's the best! The kids were so stiff
until I told them the rules of my photo shoots. Don't pose, don't look at
me, and start chatting. I did place them in some spots when I wanted more
formal photos but overall they will come out great. I might even post some
on my website when I get the film back.
Well I'm probably off to bed. Dan has taken great care of me today and I
need to be good and not fight sleep tonight.
Take care everyone.
Who is chanting...I can't wait until Monday....Monday....Monday
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Oh Starlia! I hope that doesn't cost too much!! Sweet pain free dreams and roll on Monday...
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I'm just going to see if the doctor's office can let me make payments. DH's commission check is on the 21st so I can get everything caught up again.
Trinkett has kept me awake tonight. I'm up for the third time taking her potty. She normally goes to bed at 10 pm and doesn't get up until way after noon. I'm going back to bed for a little while longer.
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My sympathies! I had an abscessed tooth once, I had to put my head in the linen closet and scream.
Can you get some dental wax or such to cover the tooth until you can get to the dentist?
Here's a link to dental emergencies for kids, I'm sure the suggestions are good for adults too. They also suggest a cotton ball to protect the tooth and the mouth. I'd personally soak mine in something alcoholic!
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Good luck until Monday! -Su
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I broke my tooth yesterday
get some orthodontist wax, make a warm ball and shove it over the tooth and let it set... this will protect your tongue.
if you can't get to an orth -- BEESWAX WILL WORK JUST FINE (you are a beader... you do have beeswax - right??? LOL) you can't chew on it - but it will stop the other "sharp things in my mouth" problem...
Cheryl DRAGON BEADS Flameworked beads and glass
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Glad to hear the photo shoot went well, and sorry about the tooth :(
Have you tried packing dental wax around it? It won't help the pain in the tooth, but it will keep the jagged egdes from tearing up the rest of your mouth.
Feel better soon.
Cheers, Carla

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DH suggested dental wax yesterday after we got home from the store. I did get some temporary filling, but that was to keep all the pieces from moving around. It did not stop the sharp edges from slashing the tooth. I'm getting the wax in a little while.
After the photo shoot last night I was dying. I thought I was going to be sick from the pain and my friends said I was white as a ghost. We all went to eat and of course I could only get something soft. I chose guacamole, which was very good, and a Pina Colada Grande. After I got something in my stomach and after drinking some of the drink I was feeling much better. I guess alcohol works for some situations.
I just woke up about 45 minutes ago and I'm feeling awful again. I think I'm going to repeat eating soft foods and having some wine or a little rum. (We have had the rum in the house since we moved in two years ago and it's still unopened.)
If I don't drink and the pain meds work then I'll probably make some jewelry. I don't think I'll torch under all this influence. I'm already klutzy and adding under the influence I'd probably be dangerous. :-)
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