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A month or so back, someone got crosses from Fire Mountain when she'd
ordered some design used by pagans (or something, this was a while
back) and it was suggested that a Christian person had made the
I just opened a package and discovered that someone had made a
substitution in my order. I'd ordered smallish sterling necklace
closures and received largish 18k gold closures. Perhaps it was my
fairy god-mother making this substitution? It was really generous,
whoever did it, because all of my closures put together didn't cost
half as much as a single one of the gold ones.
I called Rio Grande ASAP and the reaction from customer service was an
interesting combination of embarrassment over the error and
astonishment that I was telling them about it. I guess most folks
would have taken the 18k gold closures and run or something. Here I
was instead, asking them to pay the return postage because it was
their error and wondering if they had the sterling closures in stock.
Anyway, sometimes an error is just an error, I guess.
PS. My sterling closures will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday,
probably (UPS ground--I declined Next-Day shipping), and a return
shipping label will be enclosed. MFS
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Mary Shafer
In article , snipped-for-privacy@qnet.nospam.com says...
That was me, and eventually I gathered enough data to conclude that it was just a freaky coincidence. (Thanks, everyone who contributed!)
Hey, honesty is honesty! Think of it as "building up good karma" if nothing else.
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Lee S. Billings

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