Since you have all gone silent again

Here is a few bead-y things from New Hampshire US
Well, it appears I'm going to miss Bead Bop in a few weeks. My son has a
hockey game in Berlin NH (nearly in Canada) one of the days; DH and I just
prefer Dad drives on those multi-hour trip. My daughter has games, both
weekend days near Boston MA. I just don¹t have the energy to bop, drive to a
game in MA and then try and drive to more shops.
But, if anyone is interested
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My favorite bead store, Castleander Beads is on the bop. What makes this a prefect circle is that I met Tori, the owner, through hockey.
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Cheryl Isaak
If I take a picture of the necklace, could you post it on your website? I don't have one...or I could put it on Facebook and make it a public album.
When I'm happy with the owl, I'll do the same thing if that works.
Cheryl On 9/12/09 11:53 AM, in article 7EjLBZA+,
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Cheryl Isaak
Just give me until Tuesday - I have more hockey today and lots of "Mom stuff" to deal with along with the aggravation of trying to get the condo spiffed up enough for a new tenant. Didn't know that roller shades are a scarce item now.
On 9/13/09 2:02 AM, in article,
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Cheryl Isaak

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