Since you started quilting......

...with whatever assumptions you came into it with, what has surprised you
the most in terms of things you've discovered about your taste in fabrics
and/or designs?
I knew I was coming in with a love of 1930's fabrics, repro or real, and the
classic 1930's quilts. Still have that, by the way.
Didn't have a clue that my *favorite* quilts would turn out to be not
1930's, particularly, the scrappier the better (and the less "pattern" or
"design", as well), and that I'd develop a passion for **ugly** fabric.
(I've discovered that fabric that takes my fancy is fabric I'm liking as
well, that first day, as I'm ever going to like it. May not ever like it
less, or I might, eventually. But it won't grow on me, no matter how high
or "almost high" I rate it on first meeting.)
But a good ugly fabric---especially in a scrappy setting---that bugger will
get my attention and seriously grow on me over time. Maybe it starts out
like those "you don't want to watch but can't stop" accidents---all you're
thinking is *damn*, that's ugly"---but your eye keeps coming back to it.
And next thing you know, it's the only fabric you see in the quilt, and
you're attached to it. :)
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screaming bright fabrics. I usually wear earth tones or neutrals, and that's also how I usually decorate as well. Some jewel tones. But I keep making these very bright quilts! who da thunk?
liz young in cool sunny california
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Elizabeth Young

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