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Tying The Knot
A caveman strides a well-worn path. Draped over his forearm are
braided strips of grass forming some strands of rope. He approaches
his bride to be. He begins to tie the grass rope about various parts
of her body in order to keep her soul from escaping. He ties her
ankles ... her wrists ... her waist. He is bringing her spirit under
his control ... poor deluded soul that he is.
And then some time passes. And the whole effort apparently seems
barely worth his while. And so he limits his tying to just her wrist
... which he knows ... which he knows ... will be enough to bring her
spirit under his control ... poor deluded soul that he is.
And more time passes ... and he figures what the heck ... a bit of
grass ... a hank of hair ... around one finger and that is enough to
symbolize the union of man and woman .... and to bring her spirit
under his control ... poor deluded soul that he is.
And then even more time passes ... as it is often wont to do ... and
before the man knows it ... he is in Egypt around 2800 B.C. And that
blade of grass around her finger is now forming a circle that becomes
the symbol of eternity. And the wedding band comes into being ... a
circle ... a heavenly symbol indicating love has no beginning and no
end. Clearly this is before the age of Divorce where it is soon to be
decreed by the higher courts that love not only has a beginning ...
but also has an end. The innovations of modernism are here to astound
and amaze.
And so we arrive in modern Egypt ... where gold and silver reign ...
where women still wear ankle bracelets--known as khulkhall--made of
precious metals to show one and all they are married.
But why limit and circle of eternity to the ankle I say. Why not the
wrist for easier viewing. And why not some precious stones ...
diamonds perhaps ... one to start with ... one to be added for each
year of blissful consumation.
But where to find this ringlet of gold and stones you might ask? Ah
... not to worry. I have a few in various stages of production. The
first starts with two diamonds ... a round for him ... a princess cut
for her ... a bride and groom on a golden circle of love ... side by
side ... waiting for others to join them as the years go by.
A true delight folks. Go. Go see. Tell me if you like it.
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