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So here it is. He becomes king at nine years of age ... then marries
his half-sister ... and has a temper to beat the band. Imagine that
... a nine year old king married to a half-sister and laden with
temper tantrums. How droll. In his third year of reign--he is now
twelve years old--he reverses dad's choice of supreme god and elects
his own. Not a bad accomplishment for a tot ... or even a Tut.
He is 5 ft 7 in tall and has large incisors--not much unlike those of
a horse--good for grazing ... and he has a decisive overbite. Why do
we need to know this stuff you may well ask? This is about jewelry and
not some dead undersized a pharaoh's teeth. Yes ... well ... knowledge
for knowledge's sake and all that ... and the jewelry part is coming.
He also has an elongated skull. Let me add a slight cleft palate and a
bit of scoliosis and you begin to get a picture of one of the most
famous pharaohs--as well as the youngest and smallest--to have reigned
in Egypt.
And then ... 7 years later ... he's dead. 19 years old and kaplouie.
Assassinated? Or au-natural? They say he broke his leg ... it got
infected ... he got malaria ... and kicked the sphinx. (Buckets came
later as modernism replaced antiquity and custom).
Back in those days--it is said by some--there was a jeweler by the
name of Benjases Tylerukhtat who created great artifacts for our
ruler. One of them may or may not have been a gorgeous bracelet made
of gold and Lapis Lazuli as well as carnelian and colored glass and
quartz and rock crystal and turquoise. It is adorned with a Lapis
scarab ... symbol of the morning sun ... which is easily far and away
he most popular paradigm used in jewelry back then when some men were
gods. As an aside ... I ask you ... if some men were gods ... does it
hold true that some gods were men. Ah philosophy. Ya gotta love it.
So ... ya wanna see it? Go. Go. It's okay. I'm done here anyway. And
it is a bit of a stunner.
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