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Sorry, you will need more than a sleeping bag to keep TRUTH from leaping into your head.. I advise you to block all mail originating from Bengi//Josepi. He is after all just a RFC-ignorant scumbag.
For sound advice I am looking to the frenchy guy, ignoring your stupidity. You are doing exactly what brought all those bad people to invade the sewing group, troll feeding, thinking your are the best. You forced us to go elsewhere, leaving you Queen Windbag to rule over the bimbos. Now you want to run the embroidery section Queen My S**t NO Stinky Poo! Bengi is Josepi in the archives. Like the frenchy says you are one dumbass repug. God Bless America to save us from the banal ignorant types like you.
No, I will not come back to alt.sewing Bitch.
Loreen Robbins
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Loreen Robbins
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The filters have to be in your brain. He shifts names almost every day and has a multiple personality disorder, computers and browsers on different computers in the centre. The only thing consistent with this mentally ill person is his/her arrogance.
All the best.
Sorry, somehow it slipped through my filters. Won't happen again. ;-}
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> Hi all - First time poster here. > > I bought this machine brand new in 1999 with Palette 2.0 > Now I've upgraded to 8.0 > > There is all of 2 hours use on this machine because of it's lack of ... what > I think is a serious reliability issue. > > We can never ..... ever sew a project without the machine breaking a top > thread at least once. This thing can't embroider anything without breaking a > thread. We've adjusted tension with mixed results. $5000 of machine, and it > sits 99.99999999 percent of the time. > > Trying to sell it is laughable as people don't offer much more than $500. > > We've never had an embroidery machine before, so I don't know if this is > normal or not. If it is ..... you'all have the patience of Saints.
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