Can you direct me to sites to help me learn my machine..

I have a Brother PE700 embroidery machine that i bought from HSN. I do not
have a clue how to use it and classes here are so expensive!
Does anyone know of a site that has video , teaching, etc on this machine?
I have not used it at all! I also need classes o0n my white serger---any
Thanks so much,
Kathy in TN
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On Sat, 4 Apr 2009 22:30:08 UTC,
So, you paid $800 for a machine you know nothing about and now expect someone to show you how to use it for nothing?
Do you know the people at your local Brother sewing machine store have paid to attend training sessions so they can show customers how to use their machines?
You should return the PE700 to HSN and buy a machine locally where you can get the support you need.
Also you should have received some training from the local shop where you bought your serger.
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Wayne Hines
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is a link to this google search, that found lots of help for you. your White serger, do a similar search. BTW - a white serger is a serger which is the color white. A White serger is a serger made by White. :)
- Herb
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On 4/4/09 5:30 PM, in article
I have not seen online lessons for machines and if you've never sewn before, or used an embroidery machine, a few lessons by the dealer would be the best thing for you. Next to that, you might find a neighbor or a sewist in your area that might give you a few lessons in either her or your house for less money.
If that is not possible, I suppose you should get a good book on machine embroidery(many are on the market) and use it in conjunction with your manual to try it on your own. Emily
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Emily Bengston
Stert using the machine and when you get a snag you cannot solve ask a specific question here.
Most of us are willing to help when we can. We have all been where you are but don't give up before you try or nobody can help you.
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Brother machines in general and this one are so simple to use they do not need a lot of expensive lessons. Is this an embroidery only machine or a sewing machine as well If so learn the sewing side and then when you feel more confident you can move onto the embroidery side. Just arm youself with the manual and work through it doing a few hours a day till you familiarise yourself with the controls. Unfortunately classes available locally are few and far between.
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Liz Hall

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