New to me machine

Freecycle can be wonderful! I got a machine, in its cabinet, that the lady
said belonged to her grandmother. It is an aqua, weighs-a-ton Dressmaker
machine. I know absolutely nothing about it and have yet to try her out. She
needs a good oiling I'm sure. Any ideas and suggestions about how to make
her purr are welcome, as always!
I'm excited!
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Debi Matlack
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Congratulations, Debi. First: control yourself and do no harm. Before you plug your new treasure in and give 'er a go, gently and carefully do your best to clean and oil the machine. She will want a new needle as well as all stray bits of thread and gummy/fuzzies removed. Be smart about what you use for cleaning and what you use for oil. It matters. Polly
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Polly Esther
I owned a dressmaker machine recently and it was an exact copy of my mothers 60's singer. If that helps, I believe those machine are made in japan, and modeled after the singers of the time. All metal and sew wonderfully. I couldn't find much info online about dressmaker or find a manual. I treated her like a singer, being a copy. Singer attachments fit it fine and used singer oil. As mentioned, new needle, clean any lint and dust and oil it. Great machines, Congrats!
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Pat, I think you've named my machine! LOL... may get called Tammie Faye! Polly and msfirefly ( for the lightning bug or the tv series?) I appreciate your suggestions. I have a Joann's coupon burning a hole in my pocket and I will be heading that way tomorrow evening to see if I can find some cleaning stuff and oil. Got plenty of needles (but they are for my Huskystar... but they're Schmetz universals... have to try them) but need oil, provided I can find it there. Not many modern machines that I know of get oiled at home anymore, not like the older mechanical ones. The outside will get a damp cloth wipedown. Only the back is a bit dusty. It must have been stored in its cabinet all this time.
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Debi Matlack

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