Rose problems.

I wrote in December about the trouble I was having with the needle jumping
to the left when I switched on my machine. After many phone calls I had to
give up, and get my DD to take the machine to be fixed, hoping it would be a
minor problem.
It wasn't! I heard back from the technician the other day that it will cost
a fortune (to me!) to repair, (think 273 Bigmacs), and only because it would
cost a lot more to
replace did I tell them to go ahead.
The main reason I'm posting is because it was most likely my own fault, and
something others might need reminding about.
NEVER remove or replace the embroidery unit with the machine switched on!
My problems began with the bobbin winder not working in embroidery mode, so
I removed the unit to do the winding in sewing mode. Putting the unit on
and off a couple of times, I'm quite sure I must have done it at least once
without switching off, and that destroyed the PC card. This card, on the
Rose at least, is a very expensive part, and there's no way around replacing
with a new one. I asked about one from a discarded machine, but apparently
the Rose is never discarded! - or maybe only when that particular part is
I just thought others might need a reminder of something not to do, easy to
forget when the machine is out of action for a long time.
Joyce in RSA.
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Hi Joyce,
I'm sorry to hear about your costly repair. I do appreciate the reminder, however. I believe I may have made a similar mistake on my HV 950 last night--but there were no problems afterward so I hope all will be well.
Thanks for sharing and for giving the rest of us a lesson.
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Hi, another oh-so-costly mistake is to remove or insert the memory card with your machine turned on/powered up.. This little trick can cost you a new motherboard.
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