Sewing on a very stiff canvas HELP please.

I need some help please, My hubby has bought some "Straps" to hold
things on the roof rack of out clubs van. He wants me to embroider the
club name on each strap so they dont get stolen.
The straps are a heavy, stiff, canvas sort of stuff, and what I was
wondering was.....what needle should I use? Digitizing the logo is no
problem, going to use sticky stabilizer so I dont have to hoop the
straps but I am worried as to the needle, I think it will have to be a
strong one as the canvas strap is very stiff.
Can anyone give me some tips please.
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It acts as a deterant, as the members of our club only use straps when they are all together going training etc and if one of the embroidered straps were to be used by a non official the others would dob them in and they get in trouble. It has happened that way before.
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I had a similar issue (I am embroidering names on the straps of backpacks for a head start program and the strapping should be about the same) and checked with the people that sell the machines and teach classes on embroidery. They to me to use a #100 needle, slow down the machine and use standard embroidery thread. I tried it out on the strapping of one of my backpacks and ran fine. I also stabilized my strap the way you said you were thinking about it, I pulled the backing off of the adheasive stabilizer and fixed it to the bottom of the hoop (but did not hoop it), and it worked fine once I figured out were to place the strap using the index marks on the hoop. Hope this helps.
Mark @ Kapsa's Embroidery Design
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