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AD: New Work Along With Me Quilt In the Hoop, and Multi FSL Motif & New Letters
As promised, I have a Work Along With Me Quilt Project. The quilt blocks are all done in the hoop and finished like the quilt as you go quilts. If you have never done one, they are fun and fast. I...
13 years ago
"Faith" and "Love" in French Script - Share Embroidery
Hi Here's are "Faith" and "Love" in French Script. You can download them here: something to share. :) c2s
13 years ago
Needle Design, aka Julia IS a silly woman.. in bare feet and no clothes! LOL wrote: Julia's Needle Design, aka I came here to share embroidery ideas and the related. not noises that sound for all the...
13 years ago 2
noone post maria post Master of disaster post My my, ladies, we have been very busy with our new troller friend :-P Do you know Julia posted to our sister group and not ONE poster answered, not ONE!...
13 years ago 9
Rose problems.
I wrote in December about the trouble I was having with the needle jumping to the left when I switched on my machine. After many phone calls I had to give up, and get my DD to take the machine to be...
13 years ago 2
More Lace & Floral Expressions @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *FLORAL GARDENS LACE* Designs taken from a summer garden to adorn allkinds of items! There is even...
13 years ago
Great Dane Designs
I am looking for Great Dane designs to be used on a Bernina for a fundraiser for the local Great Dane Rescue Group. Anyone have any they would like to share? Try these
13 years ago 1
Grace and Hope - Free French Script Embroideries
Hi Did "Grace" and "Hope" in french font recently for a sewing project: you like them too! :) C2S
13 years ago
Still Life and Japanese Postcards @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When stitching a large, dense design, check your hoop every so often. Sometimes the vibration of the machine can cause the upper and lower hoops to separate a tiny bit or...
13 years ago
if viking embroidery machines are so great....
then why do I always see so many for sale on ebay? Do people get bored with the embroidery or feel guilty about the money they spent? It seems as though Viking/Husqvarna users are always...
13 years ago 6
embroidery on T-shirt type material
Hello, I have just had the WORST time trying to embroidery on t-shirt type material--I ended up with holes in two of them, so I tossed the project. I use a Janome 9700, I stabilized the fabtric with...
13 years ago 6
Bernina Artista 200E problem
I have a 2 year old Artista and whenever I use the embroider I get the thread break / bobbin out of thread warning and the machine stops. This happens every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. When I push the...
13 years ago 11
Grapes and Paisley Lace @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *WINDOW - GRAPES* by Fred A picture of ripe lush grapes to make a wall hanging or great table...
13 years ago
Re: bored
Cute cartoons, Joe. Are you giving away the designs in all formats? Emily I know I posted them but I can't see them on my end. The only ones I see are this one and another called test. I will be...
13 years ago 4
Brother cardwriter
If I upgrade my cardwriter from PED Basic to PE Design 6 or 7, will it still work with previously written designs or d/l from embroidery websites?
13 years ago