Bucilla kit question

I have occasionally done needlepoint projects over the years, and I have a
new kit that I want to start. The last kit i did i somehow made a minor mi
stake in assigning the colors and ran out of yarn, but was able to salvage
it by buying the same kit off of ebay lol. I figured I would pay closer at
tention to the directions this time and step 5 in the directions says to se
parate the strands of yarn and there is a depiction of two hands pulling ap
art the 3 ply strand into what looks like a 2 ply strand and a single stran
d. I have never done this before in any kit I have done and never run out
of yarn except this last time. If I do separate the strands, do I separat
e them all to single ply? I have never done this before and never had a pr
oblem. Thanks for any input;)
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doesn't the kit tell you how many strands to use? Even when I'm using all three stands of yarn I separate them and then recombine them
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Cheryl Isaak
I have had kits call for separation of 3 ply strands into 2. The 3rd stran d you mate with another single strand and so one.
My big caveat on kits is: you can almost count on running out of backgroun d wool, so load up first even if it means buying all new. I am right now b uying all new tap wool for a background. I had to cut out dozens of hours of work, growling all the way. Rather than try to find a match, I am start ing fresh with a ton of new wool.
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