Cleaning Cross Stitch

I need some help. I have a counted cross stitch picture that is on white
cloth and it was never framed but was mounted on a sticky mat. It is very
dirty from just laying around. I know I need to pull it gentle off the
sticky mat. The is a lot of reds and blacks in the picture. How should I go
about cleaning the cloth. It is mostly set in dirt on the edges. I was going
to try washing it in room temperature water with Woolite or Ivory Soap. Do
you thing the thread will bleed? Do any of you have suggestions on how to
clean it and keep the stitching from bleeding? I really need help here. This
is the first piece I ever made and I am handicapped now and can know longer
hand sew anything. I learned after this piece and had all my work framed
properly. I took ribbons on the rest of my works. I just never cared for the
first one I made and now I would like to fix it.
Thanks for any help.
She in PA
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She in PA
I would choose Ivory over Woolite for washing. Without knowing the brand, age, and specific colors of the floss, I cannot say whether it will bleed. Wash it in cold water--as cold as you can stand. If the color does run, keep rinsing it in cold water until it stops. Do not allow it to dry if there is any color bleeding until you do get a clear rinse! I also don't know if you will have a problem with residue from the sticky mat since I've only used it on ornaments and never taken those apart for washing.
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Brenda Lewis
After yesterdays surgery, I have only a little discomfort in my knee. It was day surgery so I came home in the afternoon. My main problem was my fibromyalgia which is acute at the moment. I don't expect to have a knee replacement in the near future, if at all as I am 77 years old. They told me that it was wear and tear in the knee. I came home with a huge bandage around my knee which is supposed to stay on for 14 days when I see the doctor again .The darned thing had fallen down , and kept falling down as soon as I walked around ( with the aid of a walking frame) This morning I had to take the thing right off and rebandage it again. As I have done a few first aid courses I knew there was no chance of it staying put. It has now been redone with the proper figure of 8 and it does not move much. I could see the 2 small wounds where it was opened, Very little bleeding or bruising. I am doing my prescribed exercises, and hope it will be OK. Marie from OZ
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Marie Lawrence

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