OT--Moo Patriot Love???

One of the Canadian women's hockey team that won the gold medal at the
Olympics yesterday, Coleen Sostorics, lives on a farm near a small
Saskatchewan town. Her mum didn't go to Italy--she doesn't like
flying--and so is at home doing the farm chores. Yesterday a reporter
called her to ask how the news had been received at the farm yesterday, and
inquired if the cows had been celebrating.
Mrs. Sostsorics said that she hadn't informed the cows yet, but would when
she went out to feed them this morning. She said she intends to sing O
Canada for the cows, and is sure they will all stand at attention.
Dawne, loving the image of Olympic glory in the barn
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Dawne Peterson
"Karen C wrote..
Well, you never can tell with cows. All those cliches about "til the cows come home" might indicate the heifers enjoy a night out with the girls from time to time. Dawne
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Dawne Peterson
Which is your favorite?
I have a friend from Minnesota, so I crack up every time I hear the Minnesota accent on the one where the cow left for California "days ago" but only got 50 yards due to the headwind.
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Karen C - California

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