Sewgirls vs any other usenet server around the globe??

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popped over from rctq due to a post there about looking at someonequilt pix.
tho rctnp is not a usenet group at all i have found out by reading thru some
posts on here.
its a yahoo group that requires admission, so much different to usenet as i
understand it.
spotted lots of posts on rctn about sewgirls running as a usenet server so
off i went and googled to see what i could find as an explanation about
the link above is just one i ran across when googling 'what is usenet?'.
seems to cover my own understanding of usenet. i've been on usenet since
1999 and online in general since the early 90s, so i dont consider myself a
newbie online.
where i understand that what i type in usenet is my own copyright, it is
also out there for all the world to read via many, many servers. when i post
it goes from my isp (i'm reading/posting with my email program) to (i register to use this server) and on thru several
other servers around the world before it shows up for me to read on the
i'm not sure what all the hullaballo is here about sewgirls other than they
are another usenet server that charges for advertsing and perhaps making a
living out of it. i surely dont see it as copyright infringement when they
show posts to usenet from me.
those of you who are getting in a tizz have me confused.
it appears a rather simple process to access usenet and become your own
server. not that i've ever had the inclination to do so as i've now got 4
different free servers set up to access usenet thru my email reader (Outlook
Express). at one time my own isp was a usenet server carrying tens of
thousands of the various groups but when they stopped i went out and found
lots of other free servers. i use 4 of them now because occasionally one of
them is down probably doing maintenence or something else on their system so
i try another one.
ok, enough of my babbling on.
what is the big deal with sewgirls vs any other usenet server around the
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