sewing nylon or polyester

Hi All,
I wanted to post in the previous thread, by this title, but
couldn't figure out how to do it. Maybe it's been deactivated do to
lack of activity.
In any event, I have completed the umbrella. It was a long
haul. I can provide pictures of the finished work, if anyone is
interested. I made many mistakes, but was able to recover from them.
Thanks, mainly to Diane and Lucille, for your help. The back stitch
worked realIy well. I apologize for not replying to those who posted
after my last post - I haven't been to the site since I started the
project, and so didn't read your replies. I am starting on a new cover,
and hopefully will not repeat the same mistakes.
Thank you all.......
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I would love to see pictures of this project. I hadn't a clue how to do the work and really enjoyed reading about the process. Please post a link when you have pictures ready for viewing.
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Brenda Lewis
I'm delighted that your umbrella project is coming along so nicely. We all love to hear about people who aren't afraid to tackle new things. I'm sure everyone would love to see your pictures and I can see an umbrella cover as a pretty accessory, or perhaps a new way to display a needlework project.
We don't allow attachments on this newsgroup but would love you to post a link to a site where they can be seen.
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Congratulations, John! I would love to have a pic, and then I'll put it temporarily on my site for all to see. I've thought about you and your project a few times since we last conversed.
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Dianne Lewandowski

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