I have long wanted to do spinnig, and now that we live in the country, and
near to the source of the wool, I'm interested in investing in a spinning
Does anyone have any advice? Or an old spinning wheel? :-)
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Catherine Milton
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"Catherine Milton" ( snipped-for-privacy@iafrica.com) writes:
I tend to find that I can get the best advice on this sort of thing locally. If you have things like craft fairs, where other people who do crafts exhibit or sell their work, go along and ask if anyone knows someone who spins. If you can get a lead on someone this way, this will probably be the best source of information for you. HTH.
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F.James Cripwell
"Catherine Milton" schreef in bericht news:dnlqe1$jrg$ snipped-for-privacy@ctb-nnrp2.saix.net...
I did quite some spinning 25 years ago and used a new spinning wheel by the brand name Louët, I was happy with it. At the rec.crafts.textiles.yarn newsgroup you certainly will meet more spinners and to advice you. Grea
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Can't really help you much since I don't spin but you might want to check out this site.
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Mannings were featured on our local cable channel not too long ago and they seemed like very nice and very knowledgeable people.Beverly B
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Beverly B
Ashford in New Zealand make very good spinning wheels and all the accessories. I am on my second one. I didn't wear the first one out, we were living in the Northern Territory of Australa and the white ants made a meal of it.
Ashfords have an agent in Rondebosch Cape Town. Go to
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to see their products and on to Order Info for the Cape Town address & Phone No
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Steven Boyes
I found this... Durban Handweavers & Spinners Guild . 14 Tedford Crescent . Westville . Kwa Zulu Natal . 3630 . South Africa Is this perhaps what you were looking for?
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Maureen In Vancouver, B.C.

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