VOT..a new member to the family

This afternoon Jack came from his previous family...along with favorite
blankie, toys, snacks and food. Papers, vet records, pedigree etc also.
He is (OK you all know us) a 20 month old male dachshund. Dark red,
shorthaired. He is totally adorable, and is trying SO hard to be good.
His previous family paid the earth for him,and he has really been the
specific pet of the middle daughter Amber, a HS Junior.
I really don't understand why he was put up for adoption..but it is due
to family finances. Amber's father had worked overseas for several years
as a contractor..and made a lot of money, tax free.Now that money is gone.
It's not my business, but they decided that the big house, swimming pool
etc had to go.
We were put in touch with them by PAWS..who didn't have enough funds to
foster and support animals.
tHE OUTCOME IS THERE ARE NO FEES, (sorry about caps); Amber and her Dad
brought him over today, and we visited for a couple of hours. He is
settling in wonderfully....although Gretel's nose is a bit out of joint.
Will post pictures soon on rctnp.
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Gillian Murray
Have no doubt that you, and Gretel will do will with Jack. Sounds like a match made in heaven for the pooch. So, you'll have the fun of helping him feel loved after leaving his family.
Looking forward to the pictures!
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Ellice K.
I *knew* he'd end up staying with you!!!! lolol
Still waiting......
Piggy-backing on Gill's post, we also got a new family member, a 4 month old German shorthair. It took us over a week to come up with a name for him so he was starting to have an identity complex. lol We finally settled on Duke, which is a name in his bloodlines.
He has lots of energy and is having to relearn many things, since he hadn't had much stability once the breeder sold him. He is learning, though.
I have posted pics on both my webshots album (
formatting link
and rctnp.
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On 2/16/12 4:37 PM, in article
Very handsome boy, there. Love that chocolate color, and too cute in the crate with Jaz. Nice.
DH is getting antsy that we start on some arrangements for a Puckster jr. We just got the bill from the vet who has his "stuff" in the cryo-bank. And a couple of friends have asked about the potential puppies. So I'm having foreboding as I can suddenly see the boy showing a bit of age - as we look for steps big enough for him to get up on our bed (the last set was too small). I think he'll like having another dog around, so hopefully we'll get a puppy thing going soon - otherwise it'll be a resue in the summer.
I think watching Westminster always gets us feeling all gushy about the dog, and looking at all those cute pups out there.
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Ellice K.

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