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OT: Martha Stewart Crafts now at Walmart
I saw them myself. Actually, there are some very cute kits for kids to do. Not so much stitching...actually none, but things like little felt animals, puppets, etc. Her other things are very nice...
12 years ago 7
Re: sharing and some whoo hoo's!
On Wed, 6 Aug 2008 16:05:28 -0700 (PDT), alicia in Hawaii opined: I am truly amazed you can be looking at a computer monitor with a migraine, it's anathema to me with a migraine !! The brightness of...
12 years ago 40
Cute Quote
I have a little calendar that I tear a page off every day - today's quote was by a Mary Ellen Kelly, writer, and it says: "Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits are objects of scorn to...
12 years ago
The original subject line on this was "Please don't hit me." I didn't write the subject line, but I sure agree with it and I'll bet you will too. ----- The Lone Ranger and Tonto walked into a bar and...
12 years ago 13
Anchor floss
I was just wondering if there is any difference between the Anchor floss that is sold already wound onto bobbins, and the Anchor sold in skeins. I usually just use DMC, since it's so easy to get, but...
12 years ago 12
OT: cute joke
Why Females Should Avoid a 'Girls Night Out' After They are Married! The other night I was invited out for a night with 'the girls'. I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!'...
12 years ago 1
OT I am sooooooooo not a Happy Camper!
Took my business computer to the repair shop for a regular maintenance to keep it reliable (can't run the business without it) and gave them one specific task to accomplish: acquiring a specific...
12 years ago 21
Quick freebie border ideas needed
I've been working on finishing up a number of UFOs (some of which I rescued from the thrift store partially completed) and just completed a little design of a bunch of violets which was a thrift store...
12 years ago 4
My New Frame is Empty???
I went out with a couple of friends this morning to a Big Lots and found a really nice bargain. A 5" x 5" rather ornate pewter frame. Now I must have something to put in it. After all, I wouldn't want...
12 years ago 24
Needlecraft books
Yesterday's mail brought me an eagerly awaited package -- copies of A-Z of embroidery stitches 2 from Country Bumpkin and Stumpwork Seasons by Kay and Michael Dennis. If I had seen them in person, I...
12 years ago 24
Re: ????? ??????
The subject came out as "????? ??????" which appear to be Hebrew characters. However the text came out as "? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? ×? × ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?" which aren't Hebrew...
12 years ago
Re: "Shop Day" Matching Snail Wallet
Cute ,,,very cute ,,, any threads shop makes me snail my way through it mirjam
12 years ago
Well, the peace and quiet is over and so is the stitching time
DS is home from camp. The running around begins again and there goes my stitching time! LOL Cheryl Oh - and he managed to reduce his sister to tears in record time... I completely understand - my ds...
12 years ago 123
Stand problem
I bought an Edmunds universal craft stand which at 50% off was cheaper than replacing the clamp in my artisan/gazelle one. Unfortunately, it doesn't rotate so when I want to get to the back, I go...
12 years ago 3
OT - perils of being bored at work
I've been working for a prestigious sporting organisation for nearly 6 months. As usual the first three months of any job go by in a blur as you get to grips with new processes and procedures. Since...
12 years ago 2