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Re: Sun Day stitching
Alicia , i went to look at the little Sunday snail and she is such a cute Sunny creature !!! Well done !!! mirjam
12 years ago
Skilled XS vs. Not-So-Skilled XS
Hi Guys, So, I posted in another thread that -- IMNSHO -- the **mechanics** of stitching plain, unadorned XS (no special fibers, no beads, no fancy stuff) doesn't really take a lot of skill. I'm...
12 years ago 48
Re: Caron Watercolors
Dove makes dish detergent? I didn't known that. I remember years ago when Ivory was pure castile soap. Not so any more. It has surfactants and detergents and other chems. Did I say dishwasher? I...
12 years ago 8
OT: Kid's humour
"Hey Grandpa!, can you make a noise like a frog?" "I think I can do that. Why?" "'Cos dad says when you croak, we're going to Disneyworld."
12 years ago
OT: Fletcher Saga 15 Jul 2008
Latest saga now available at
12 years ago
Now what do I do?
I am continuing my vow to finish a bunch of old WIPS. Ok - current project is an outline of a flower with stem and leaves. On dark raspberry colored fabric. It was kit bought at Celebrations or in...
12 years ago 9
How Much Stash is too much
I confess I am a stash-a-holic, and the wonderful resource of the internet and eBay is fueling my addiction. I have kits, charts, fabric and threads that would take me several lifetimes to get...
12 years ago 50
Re: Updated and new tutorials
Thanks Mirjam! ;) I hope it helps. alicia in Hawaii
12 years ago
Stitch n' pitch
I've never seen anything like this before. At least not at the pro sports level. On 7/14/08 4:54 PM, in article , Got to love it! Cheryl On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 08:52:20 -0400, Cheryl Isaak opined: Makes...
12 years ago 21
basting in lines for cross stitch
I am starting a very small piece of cross stitch but it is being put(temporarily) on a large piece of fabric that has other stitching on it. I have begun the process of basting every tenth line down...
12 years ago 48
incorporating beads in letter`s head
i wnated to give a word and esp it`s first or letter a `Crown`, This has a long tradition . I looked at my Megila =scroll, and wasn`t pleased with the crowns i saw ,,,, So i laid my finnished...
12 years ago
Re: Updated and new tutorials
Can you email me privately so that i can share some of my new ellements with you ? mirjam
12 years ago
Re: Updated and new tutorials
Alicia i have forwarded your adress to several of my friends ,,,, mirjam
12 years ago
OT: Prayer (etc.) Request for Janet (my stitchin' buddy)
Hi Guys, Janet's Mama passed away this morning with Janet there to hold her hand. This was not unexpected but will still be difficult for Janet and her family. I'll be driving to Birmingham tomorrow...
12 years ago 2
Last embroidered work finished
So this work is finnished ,,, all i have to do is fold it two use the extra length i cut , to cover the back ,,, and add some loops and it is finished , it`s `fellow` woven part will now get the last...
12 years ago